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Oct 16, 2016



DEAR EUGENIA: I’ve been checking horoscopes for years, and I find they haven’t been very helpful. I need to know why my love life always turns out bad. My last three relationships ended with my partner leaving me for someone else. I thought the last man I dated was truly my soul mate, only to have him leave without warning for another woman and never speak to me again. I was born May 15, 1969, at 12 p.m. — Taurus

DEAR TAURUS: Your daily scope probably doesn’t give you very valid information because you think like a Gemini and you love like an Aries. Although you do have some Taurus traits, you also have the other signs I mentioned, along with Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. I offer a service at called Daily Timing that breaks down your natal chart, allowing you to read all 12 signs and get a much better idea about what’s going on for you. This, along with another service I offer called Yearly Transits, which is based on your natal chart, will dissect your natal chart even further.

When you do find love, I also offer an astrological compatibility service that will give you the thumbs up or down, allowing you to cut your losses and keep looking or feel confident that you have actually found the one.

Regarding your love life, you have just entered a transit that will be with you until next summer that is conducive to finding love or having someone you love come back into your life. This connection will come through a friend, relative, dating service, travel or educational pursuit. In order to find love, you have to participate. Get out and have some fun.

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DEAR EUGENIA: Aries are described as being bad with commitment. The truth is, I’ve always been faithful and committed to my partners, but I can’t seem to find anyone who wants to commit to me. I’m 43 years old, born March 25, 1973, at 3:51 p.m.

I have never been married and have had only two or three significant relationships in my life. They all cheated on me. I’ve dated here and there since, but nothing substantial. I’ve also now gone over eight years without any type of relationship. I’m trying, but the dating scene has become so awful and men don’t seem to want to commit any more as there are too many options out there. I’m ready to settle down, but I’m about to give up on ever finding someone to share my life. Will I be alone forever? — Aries Looking for Love

DEAR ARIES LOOKING FOR LOVE: The problem that shows up in your natal chart is deception in an area of your chart that deals with partnerships. This lends itself to you attracting men who aren’t necessarily honest or loyal. You also have an aspect in your chart that counters that and indicates that you can find love and happiness, but you need to be able to filter through the good and the bad. That’s where astrological compatibility can help. You hit a high cycle recently that will continue to help you meet potential partners throughout the upcoming year. You will do best with the signs Leo and Aquarius, but never rule out any sign as whomever you meet could easily have his Moon, Venus and other natal planets in these signs and match your chart splendidly.

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DEAR EUGENIA: I’m writing to you for some insight regarding my son, who is currently living nearby. (He was born March 18, 1983. I was born Nov. 18, 1955, at 10:03 p.m.)

He has struggled with mental illness and homelessness. He has had some recovery, stayed on meds and was in a group home for several years, but now is using hard drugs — seems to be addicted — and has gotten entangled with a very troubled woman as well, who seems co-dependent with him.

We have always stayed in touch, and in the past I knew he’d be honest with me no matter what. Lately, he makes and breaks plans with me, has been on and off medication as well as leaving his apartment for about a month. He tells me he’s going to detox, but has not.

You can imagine my fear and worry. Will he come out of this tailspin, and is there any way that I can be helpful? My self-care is excellent, but my heart is aching for some hope here. — Carol

DEAR CAROL: This is one of the most difficult positions any parent will encounter. Addiction is a misunderstood illness, and there are very few answers or options that work because the bottom line is that if your son doesn’t want the help, force may work initially, but doesn’t usually help long-term.

You did not provide your son’s time of birth, which limits what I can tell you. The relationship he has fallen into will make it difficult for you to reason with him, but take comfort in knowing that he is not alone. You didn’t include his partner’s birth data, so there is nothing I can tell you about her or whether she is what he needs in his life.

With the various types of drugs on the streets, it’s a dangerous playground for people suffering from mental illness and addictive tendencies. Your chart is undergoing a transit that indicates sorrow where children are concerned. All you can do is offer love, try to spend time with him and get to know his girlfriend better. You can only be a witness as this is a battle he and only he can fight and win, but the desire to do so has to be there for it to work.

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