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Nov 18, 2018


DEAR EUGENIA by Eugenia Last

DEAR EUGENIA: I am in a friendship with a guy I met four years ago, and he moved to another state a couple years ago. We care about one another and have been keeping in touch and talking about meeting up one day.

In August 2018, he drove down to see me (a 12-hour drive), but he didn’t tell me he was coming. I guess he wanted to surprise me. Well, unfortunately, I wasn’t here; I was in Cuba. When he found out, he was very disappointed. I explained to him he should have told me he was coming. He admitted it was his fault.

Since this happened, I noticed he has distanced himself and doesn’t keep in touch anymore. I feel he is still angry about all this, even though he’s not admitting it. What are the next steps I should take? Or is it time for me to move on? I’d appreciate some advice on this situation, please. I was born May 19, 1967, at 6:00 a.m. He was born May 5, 1970. — Two Bulls

DEAR TWO BULLS: The problem here is communication and secrets. I believe his problem had more to do with the fact that you never mentioned you were going to Cuba. That’s something you usually mention to people you email or text frequently, and he should know better than to just show up.

I don’t believe distance is something that really works well for either one of you, and that’s too bad because you have a nice astrological comparison with one another. I’d say this is a relationship that is going through poor timing. I suggest you do your best to maintain a friendship, nothing more. At least not as long as you live so far apart.

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DEAR EUGENIA: I am retiring in early 2019, but my horoscopes of late have all been about my employment and my moving up and being recognized. That’s all good, but I want to retire. I’m tired. Do you think I will be OK financially when I retire? I’m a little stressed out about it. Any thoughts? I was born Jan. 24, 1954, at 3 p.m. — Aquarius

DEAR AQUARIUS: Your Sun sign falls in an area of your chart that deals with chronic health, legal matters, personal finances and investments, winning money, gifts, etc. Therefore, those favorable captions should be applied to such matters. Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) apply to earning money, getting along with your co-workers and recognition in your particular chart.

Astrology isn’t about Sun signs; it’s about cycles, timing and the mathematical angles between the luminaries and planets in your natal chart and where the planets and luminaries are positioned on any given day in the future.

Over the years I devised a system that can help you learn to read each caption in a daily scope and apply each one to the designated area of one’s life that each caption is applicable to. It’s called Daily Timing and is featured on my website at

In your particular case, you should be reading the following signs and applying them as listed below.

Cancer: How you view yourself and others; emotional reactions to personal situations.

Leo: How you make and spend money; your attitude toward money and possessions.

Virgo: Communication and transportation; dealing with friends, relatives and neighbors; mail.

Libra: How you care for your home; how you get along with those you live with.

Scorpio: Pleasures; hobbies; creative endeavors; children; social events; gambling.

Sagittarius: Minor health; work environment; dealing with co-workers; caring for pets.

Capricorn: Business and emotional relationships; open enemies; how others view you.

Aquarius: Sex problems; investments; chronic health; inheritance; settlements; winnings; contracts.

Pisces: Higher education; travel for business; immigration; philosophy; religion.

Aries: Notoriety; position in society; public honor or disgrace; how much you can achieve.

Taurus: Dreams; hopes and wishes; group endeavors; civic affairs; asking for favors.

Gemini: Serious health problems; hospitals; institutions; secret affairs; dealings with government.

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DEAR EUGENIA: My husband and I have been separated for a year. We are in the process of divorcing. I am wondering if I should put any effort into saving this marriage one last time or let it go. I feel very angry toward him and believe he has been hiding more than I know about. We have had many issues during the years, and my thinking is that it might be time I let it go after more than 20 years and move on. However, I have some doubts. So I’m writing to you in hopes you can ease my mind. His birthdate is Jan. 2, 1969, at 3:27 a.m., and mine is Aug. 21, 1971, at 3:56 a.m. — Angry Leo

DEAR ANGRY LEO: Although on many counts your astrological comparison is good, sorrow prevails, along with honesty. I do not believe your husband has it in him to be loyal to one partner, regardless of what he says.

Your chart is coming into a high cycle next year with regard to love and commitment as well as the chance to reconnect with someone from your past. This can mean your ex comes crawling back (best not to go there). However, it would be a good time to attend a reunion or to reconnect with someone you worked with in the past.

I would also like to add that you will have better luck with partners who are five or more years older or younger than you due to the placement of your natal Venus and Neptune.

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