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Jan 22, 2017


DEAR EUGENIA: I am a Libra (born Oct. 16, 1985, at 7 p.m.), and my husband is an Aquarius (born Feb. 16, 1985). Before we were married in 2015, we were together for 15 years, since we were teenagers. During the years before our marriage, we lived together and had a child.

At the beginning of our relationship, things were good, but I’ve always had my suspicions about him. Yet our relationship continued to grow, and we grew closer during those years.

After an on-again-off-again relationship, we took a break; during that time, I got together with an ex. Some years later and after the birth of my son, this fact came up again, and my husband was upset that I wasn’t completely honest with him concerning my relationship with my ex.

Since that time, he’s become a different person. He’s begun speaking to mystery women. He ends these calls as soon as I enter the same room as him. He won’t tell me the women’s names, and I suspect that there may be more to their relationship or that it will progress to something more. He tells me I’m being insecure and jealous, but I think there’s more to it. We don’t talk much even though we live in the same home, and the energy and affection just don’t seem to be there anymore.

Before we got married, things were rocky. We argued a lot, and we have had financial difficulties. Now a year after we got married, things have gotten worse. He has less patience and is very critical, and this makes it difficult for me to want to be around him.

My question is, is the inevitable result of this situation going to lead to divorce, or is this just another rocky phase of our relationship? Are we even compatible? — Lost Libra

DEAR LOST LIBRA: You and your Aquarius husband have a good astrological comparison for the most part. It is certainly workable if you are both willing to put in the effort.

I assume that you met around your mid-teens, when you were both going through your half-life Saturn, and you chose to get married when you were experiencing your first Saturn return. The fact that you married instead of calling it quits at that time should be noted.

Communication, honesty and perhaps a little counseling should be considered. It’s worth putting in the effort for the child you brought into this world. The history you have made should not be ignored.

Although there is some sorrow that shows up between the two of you, it’s mainly due to a lack of communication and boredom. Spice up your life and find new ways to put love and adventure back into your relationship.

Regarding your husbands phone calls: Perhaps he is trying to get you back for the wrong he feels you did with your ex. Put his mind at ease, and let him know he’s the only one for you. Get back on track before it’s too late. Regret is a terrible emotion to have to live with.

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I’m an Aquarius (born Feb. 18, 1989, at 6:06 a.m.) who seems to be escaping reality a lot
. I’ve been living in the same small town since I was born, working at a job I don’t see myself loving, just working to do something. 
At least I get to travel a lot, and 
I do love that. Travel is my dream. 
Just wondering if you see me moving away to a bigger, better, fulfilling life bursting with opportunities within the next few months? 
 — Aquarius

DEAR AQUARIUS: Lots can happen if you are motivated, take the initiative and push forward with your dreams. Between now and next fall, your chart indicates plenty of opportunity to bring about change.

Where love and romance are concerned, you are up for greater opportunity to find true love or to turn a current relationship into something special.

Making a residential move is also doable, but it is more apparent beginning late 2017 and throughout 2018. If you aren’t happy with what you are doing but enjoy one aspect of your job, that should give you a hint as to what you should consider doing in the future.

Check out what qualifications are required to work in hospitality, travel or the airline industry, and sign up to get what you need to follow your dream. Moving to a location that you call home base should be suitable to the profession you choose.

Being satisfied with your life comes from taking the initiative to go after your dreams. Concentrate on love, educational pursuits and moving to a location that appeals to you before life passes you by. The thing about change — you can always go back.

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DEAR EUGENIA: When exactly is Sagittarius going to get a break in the love department? I feel that for years, when I read my horoscopes for the coming year, they seem to say that yet again this won’t be a big love year. It would appear next year will be the same. 
I have been through some turbulent years with relationships, and I don’t know other Sagittarius who has had an easy time.

When Saturn was in Scorpio, I can honestly say my inner self went to some dark places — I learned a lot about myself and other people. Now with Saturn in Sagittarius, my life is unrecognizable. I feel as though I’m working to rebuild my life from the ground up. 
There must be some good news. I am an eternal optimist, but even my optimism is wearing thin! 
– Sag Looking for a Break

DEAR SAG LOOKING FOR A BREAK: Archers have had their fair share of strife, and although it’s still a struggle, much has been learned along the road to better times.

Your particular natal chart has seven out of the eight planets and two luminaries in three of the mutable signs (Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces), causing grief for the past couple of years; however, that isn’t the only problem you face.

You were born with your natal Neptune (creativity, deception and disillusionment) opposite your natal Moon (emotions) in Gemini in an area of your chart that deals with secrets, creating difficulty making wise choices when it comes to your relationships with others.

The good news is that your natal Venus (love, art, physical wellness) is in the sign Capricorn in an area of your chart that deals with relationships. What this means is that you need someone in your life who can offer you stability and security, not adventure and uncertainty.

Start to look in the right places for partners with substance. You do best with someone who isn’t too close in age. Older or younger — but most of all, stable.

By the way, with Jupiter moving through Libra until late fall, it’s a great year to socialize, travel, pursue knowledge and meet new people.

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