Dear Eugenia
Dear Eugenia

Dear Eugenia


DEAR EUGENIA by Eugenia Last

DEAR EUGENIA: I’m an empty nester, born Feb. 11, 1960, at 9:20 a.m. I’ve done a lot of soul-searching, therapy, self-reflection, and had my nose to the grindstone growing my own successful business and feel very proud of my accomplishments, especially given the difficult circumstances of my brief marriage. I have had several men interested in me the past couple of years, but I wasn’t ready, and they weren’t right for me.

Things have been on an upswing since early November when I attended my high school reunion in my hometown. It was so affirming reconnecting with friends. It reminded me I’m a fun and social person. I am now aware of the deficit in my neglected social life.

I feel ready to put myself out there. I’ve started to go to church again. I know I want a forthright, kind and gentle man. I’m not getting distracted by the bad boys or guys carrying emotional baggage. I want a steady guy; I’ve sworn off Leo men, as my five exes were Leos, and decided no Libras, Pisces or Scorpios.

Where might I meet a good, solid, truthful, kind, funny gent? I’m not into bars, substance abusers or the financially challenged. I want to travel and enjoy life and find a man who is as good for me as I am for him. — Aquarius

DEAR AQUARIUS: You are right that Leo, Libra, Scorpio and Pisces aren’t the best signs for you, but don’t rule them out based on sun sign. Always have an astrological comparison cast before you give your heart away. You were born with the planet Neptune in an area of your chart that deals with relationships, so you attract men who can be emotionally challenging.

With your natal Venus in the sign Capricorn at the top of your chart, that is probably a good sign to start with. Also, this Venus placement indicates that attending trade shows and industry events can be a good place to start looking for Mr. Right.

With transiting Jupiter heading through the constellation Sagittarius, and that being where your natal Jupiter happens to be located in your chart, taking courses, traveling and online dating can also lead to someone special.

You may be an Aquarius by sun sign, but your chart has strong Leo, Capricorn and Pisces influences. Best sun signs for you are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

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DEAR EUGENIA: I have been in a 12-year relationship with a man I love. Lots of things have happened during our courtship, and I’m now at a crossroads. We became engaged in 2010. We set a date and as time went on, he refused to talk about the plans for the wedding. I removed the ring after feeling like he wasn’t going to meet me at the altar. We broke up for a year then resumed our relationship. We each had our own place, but we lived together most of the time.

Four years ago, he moved three hours away for work, and although this put a strain on our relationship, we made the best of it. He signed a two-year contract planning to move back when finished, but before the contracted ended, he told me he was made an offer he couldn’t refuse, so he signed on as a permanent employee. I was very unhappy but supported the choice.

I never wanted a long-distant relationship, but I was willing to give it a try. A few months ago, he purchased a home in the state where he works, so I know he has no intention of returning. The subject of marriage is rarely discussed and when I have mentioned it, we usually end up in a bad place.

I have been loyal to him. However, I stopped having sexual intimacy with him. This has become a real sore spot for us because he believes I’m withholding sex to get him to marry me. My reason is because he stopped making me feel we were in a relationship that would grow. So, we’ve been in a sexless relationship for the last two years.

What do you see for us, Eugenia? His birthdate is Dec. 23, 1965, at 2:27 p.m., and mine is Jan. 24, 1961, at 5:20 a.m. I recently met a man born Feb. 4, 1955, time unknown. We’ve exchanged numbers and talk two to three times a week, but his conversation gives me the impression he’s controlling, and I certainly don’t want that in my life.

Is there someone out there for me, or should I continue to stick it out with the man I love and invested years with?– Lonely, Confused and Wondering

DEAR LONELY, CONFUSED AND WONDERING:Let me begin with your Capricorn. I wish I could say you have a fabulous comparison, but it is lacking, and to make matters worse, emotional deception and sorrow are prevalent. Although I see the draw you have to him, I feel you’ve invested too much time in someone who has commitment issues. Your Aquarius man isn’t your best bet either. Although he can be charming, the comparison isn’t great.

Your chart indicates you want to settle down. You are going through your second Saturn return, and it’s hitting your chart in an area that deals with relationships. What this means is that you are going through a period of “make it or break it” when it comes to love.

Should you decide to move on, there is a good chance you will find someone who interests you, and once you do, your Capricorn will probably try to come back into your life. If and when this happens, depending on your willingness to move on, please do not go back. Yes, you invested a lot of time, but in the end, you’ll discover he really isn’t right for you.

I’m not saying Capricorn is a bad sign for you, just not this Capricorn. You can also consider a Taurus, Cancer Scorpio or Pisces. Next time have an astrological comparison cast first.

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DEAR EUGENIA: I send out a birthday horoscope to my online friends every morning. I think you just took over the horoscope column in my local paper, as it is titled “The Last Word in Astrology.” Can you tell me what Birthday Baby means? Is it for children only, or does that relate to an adult too? And since I’m writing, can you help me with my life? It seems to be stalled. I was born Oct. 7, 1953, at midnight. — Sharon

DEAR SHARON: Birthday Baby is for a baby born on the day and year the caption is written. However, at the top of my column there is a Happy Birthday section that is for anyone born on that day, and it represents an overview for the upcoming year as well as lucky numbers for the year.

With regard to your life being stalled, you are experiencing a Saturn transit that can cause you to evaluate your life. Sometimes it’s a little depressing because it makes you look at the past. On the positive side, Saturn adds discipline and determination, therefore it’s the perfect time to make changes, go on a diet or join a group, take a course or anything that will spice things up a bit.

This past year, you should have been considering what you’ve done up to this point in your life and what you have yet to do. The upcoming year, you should be taking charge and making the changes you want to make or at least start heading in that direction. Thank you for reading my work.

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Dear Eugenia


DEAR EUGENIA by Eugenia Last

DEAR EUGENIA: I am a Leo (born Aug. 18, 1987, 3:17 a.m.) dating another Leo (born Aug. 20, 1980) since Oct. 30, 2017. Things were great, but recently my Leo has been getting on poorly with our friends (born Sept. 19, 1979, and Feb. 14, 1990).

I realized recently that some of the behavior my Leo is exhibiting toward our friends may be deal-breakers. So, our relationship is on probation. I’m giving him an opportunity to correct things and me time to figure things out. My trust is shattered, but it may be repairable. I am an emotional mess.

I am unable to concentrate at my new job (hired Sept. 26, 2018). The emotional upheaval is affecting all aspects of my life. I feel like the ground has been pulled out from beneath me.

Can the stars offer any direction? — Lost Lioness

DEAR LOST LIONESS: I must begin by telling you I rarely see a comparison between two people like the one you have with your Leo. It’s extraordinarily high but also can fluctuate, especially when in social settings. There appears to be some emotional deception as well with regard to the people you associate with, but I believe communication can help solve this problem.

Your Leo actually compares just as well to your friends as you do astrologically, and in some regards better. Your Virgo friend’s comparison with you indicates deception and sorrow, especially where communication is concerned, which could mean the friend may be provoking your Leo’s reaction.

Your Aquarius friend comparison with your partner quite nicely but sorrow is present. However, your comparison with your Aquarius friend appears to be more superficial in nature.

This past year you and your partner have been experiencing a transit that has caused you both to overreact along with excessive behavior or being put in a position to put up with such behavior.

Since this transit has finally moved on, I believe it’s time for you and your partner to discuss what’s transpired regarding your friends and how best to deal with the situation.

Your Leo partner can be manipulative emotionally and overreact, and his chart also denotes he may attract people who are, or he may himself be, indulgent or who show signs of addiction. If this is at the root of the problem, he either needs to get help or you need to move on.

You are in a high cycle this year regarding work, how you earn your living and getting ahead you are moving into a high cycle, so don’t lose sight of your professional goals. Don’t let the uncertainty regarding both your friends and your partner override your productivity. The next year your focus should be on work, money and getting ahead so don’t blow it.

It’s time to bring this personal matter to a head, so open up the conversation and be prepared to make a decision.

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DEAR EUGENIA: I have a friend whose birthday is Sept. 11, 1938, and I was born Oct. 22, 1967, at 9:50 a.m. I know the age difference is great, but we are fascinated with each other. After talking to each other on the phone or meeting at a cafe, I feel so supported and elated. He has a young soul, and we share similar passions, one being, literature and writing. Are we as compatible as I think we are?– Astrid

DEAR ASTRID: Yes, your comparison is good. His chart is predominant in two major areas of your chart. One deals with communication, interests and friendships and the other status. This means that even though there is an age difference you should follow through with this relationship and enjoy the time you spend together. I believe you will both grow from this connection.

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DEAR EUGENIA: I met my Aquarius girlfriend (born Jan. 23, 1988, at 7:27 a.m.) the week before Halloween. From the moment we met we had a great connection and our communication has been easy.

We keep surprising the other, in a good way, with the things we have been wanting to do or the things we like. I felt a strong connection immediately and am interested to hear what you have to say about our charts.

I was born April 9, 1981, at 3:54 p.m. Thank you, Eugenia. You have been extremely helpful to me during the last several years. — Aries

DEAR ARIES: The comparison is pretty decent and has the potential to turn into a long-term commitment as long as you are both being honest about your likes and dislikes and not still in the rush of love where one or both of you is trying to please the other by agreeing to or giving the impression that you are on the same page with regard to your lifestyle dreams hopes and wishes.

That being said, the reason for the above comment is because out of all the favorable planetary connections I see in your comparison, I also see one that is subject to question. It falls in an area of her chart that deals with what she expects out of a romantic relationship and what she actually alludes to, and in your chart the way you like to live or want to and what you lead her to believe you want.

Communication is of the essence to ensure that you are on the same page. When I see a comparison this good, it is common during the initial stages that you are trying to please one another instead of being honest.

Slow down, let the relationship unfold naturally and most of all make a promise to one another to be honest about your likes and dislikes right from the beginning.

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