Dear Eugenia

Dear Eugenia



DEAR EUGENIA: Thanks for your great site and the opportunity to receive free advice. I’ll keep this brief, as I’m sure you are inundated with requests.I’m an Aries (born March 21, 1968, at 3:22 a.m.). I was a soldier. A good one. I was never a killer. I objected to that type of thing.

I was injured in a bomb blast and am attempting to build a second life for myself. I’m through with all the medical stuff and can focus on my desires.

I’m looking for second-career guidance if you have the time and will. I say “will” because I’ve paid two astrologers for help, but they returned my money and declined to read my chart. Is there some weird thing in my chart?

I feel an otherworldly desire to embrace a creative choice in career. I can’t seem to shake this urge to perform again. Performance art is how a pacifist survives war, after all. It’s also how we “good guys” stop war criminals or defuse a riot. Maybe this time I’ll carry a guitar instead of a rifle.

Thank you very much for this offer of support. I’m a solid guy and am very driven to succeed. I just need GPS directions if you can find any in my chart. Thanks in advance, and apologies for my very strange life and career request. — Aries

DEAR ARIES: I have no idea why any astrologer wouldn’t answer you. You’ve been through a lot, but you also have a great chart and yes, the will and the drive to be successful.

You have transiting Saturn moving through your 12th house slowly toward your ascendant. This can bring more medical setbacks and anger issues but also, it’s good for negotiations, contracts and overcoming any challenges you face. The time frame for this is during the next 18 months. Just a heads-up so you can look out for any signs that surface and take care of issues before they escalate.

With Jupiter moving across the top of your chart between now and the end of the year, you have to listen carefully to what’s being promised, as well as what’s expected of you when cutting deals. Empty promises can be what will set off anger issues. Stay calm and get whatever you are being offered in writing.

Once we head into the last two months of the year, Jupiter will move into Sagittarius and begin to favorably touch all the planets you have situated in Aries. First, it will deal with how you earn your living, followed by media communication travel and all the things that can help you with regard to performing. Be patient between now and November, for this is the month when possibilities begin to turn into something concrete. As we move into December, Jupiter begins to move through an area of your chart that deals with calling in favors and being offered the help you need to get ahead.

Please don’t get discouraged; let things unfold naturally. Remain calm, cool and collected and you will reap the rewards you deserve between now and late fall of next year.

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DEAR EUGENIA: I’ve been stuck at a crossroad for so long after the death of my spouse six years ago. I don’t know what to do with my life. One of the things limiting me is the means to do what I want to do and lack of motivation, or rather, lack of direction. I’m asking myself why I’m here. What am I going to do with my life now?

I would love to travel but am constantly bogged down financially due to helping my kids. I probably should run far away, but I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I am also wondering what’s in store for me moving forward. I’m not looking for love after being married for 30 years, but it does get lonely at times. What can I expect for the rest of my life? I was born Aug. 29, 1960, at 1:50 a.m.– Virgo

DEAR VIRGO: Helping your children has always been a big part of your life, and that still stands, but there comes a time when you have to cut the apron strings and let them fend for themselves. That time has come. You can be there for them emotionally and physically without paying for them. You have to get your priorities straight when it comes to your personal finances. Perhaps now is a good time to sit down with them and explain your position. With transiting Saturn favorably positioned in an area of your chart that deals with communication, this is a good time to clear the air, not only with them but with anyone in your life (siblings, peers, friends) who may be taking advantage of your kindness and generosity.

Transiting Uranus is also favorably positioned to this area of your chart, which also represents travel and life changes forming a grand trine that offers you plenty of options if you open your eyes and take a look. Some of the suggestions your chart denotes over the upcoming year have to do with reconnecting with people from your past: those you have worked with or lost touch with, asking for favors from those you have helped in the past and visiting places that will stimulate your mind. Don’t rule out companionship or starting a friendship with someone who shares your interests or desire to travel.

Change is within reach, but it’s up to you to make it happen and to turn your dreams into a reality. Your children will be fine and probably be happy to see you enjoy life again.

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DEAR EUGENIA: I am going through some major transitions at work. I’ve been a wreck over what’s going on. The company has a new owner, and I cannot tell if they have my best interest in mind or they are trying to take advantage of me. I’ve been losing sleep over this. I’m unsure if I should stay with this company or start looking for another job. I feel like I’m too emotional at this time to make the right decision. I was born July 26, 1982, at 3:34 a.m. Please, any advice will help. — Leo

DEAR LEO: It is obvious by your chart that you have been taken advantage of this past year and that you are physically exhausted due to the situation, but your hard work has also turned you into a valuable asset. Whether you decide to sit tight or move on, your chart indicates that where work and money are concerned, you are heading into a high cycle that will begin in November and carry on until well into next year. I would wait until that time to decide. There is, however, no harm in looking at what’s available in your line of work or to set up interviews or talk with a recruiter to find out what your options and prospects look like in the meantime.

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