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Dear Eugenia

SUNDAY, JULY 15, 2018


DEAR EUGENIA: I was born Aug. 16, 1995, at 3:29 a.m. It seems like my life gets really bad, but somehow things work out. I lost my job and my truck, and I received an eviction notice. I have two children — a daughter born Nov. 26, 2016, and a son born Dec. 24, 2017.

I was recently seeing someone before I lost what seemed like everything. I feel as if we are meant to be, or maybe I just wanted us to be, but he lets everyone come between us. His birthdate is Jan. 3, 1992.

I don’t know where my life is headed, but I was thinking of starting to write music. I don’t know what to do. I really hope you can help.

Also, there is a guy from my past who has come into the picture. His birthday is Aug. 24, 1993. Both guys are into music. However, the August guy is talking about moving to pursue a career in music.

Help me, please. What can I do to be successful and provide a comfortable home and have love? What do the stars have in store for me?– Leo

DEAR LEO: Although your astrological comparisons to the two guys you’ve been seeing aren’t the best, the Capricorn far exceeds the Virgo. Your Capricorn has a decent chart but isn’t going to settle for anything less than what he wants and will not put you before his family or his work unless he is serious enough to put a ring on your finger. I’d take a pass when it comes to your Virgo.

You will be in a much higher cycle next year regarding love, and you should really focus on your children and work. Your chart indicates you have talent, but music is a hard industry to break into.

I am a big believer in pursuing your creative dream, but being responsible for your children means you will have to hold down a job as well.

Please don’t waste this summer with men who are not the best influence or who don’t put you first. Stay focused on taking care of your kids, writing music and a job that will pay the bills.

               **             **             **

DEAR EUGENIA: My husband walked out on my kids and me on March 2, 2018, after taking money from me. He did this back in 2003 and left for a year but returned when he realized he still loved me. I love my husband. He has a gambling addiction, and his family members are also gamblers. I feel he is brainwashed by both his mother and sister against me. They support his actions since they gamble. When they no longer want him, they tell him to go home. Both my son and I have tried to convince him he needs help.

Unfortunately, I have mortgaged my home to pay his debts. Since he left in March, he has now blocked me from calling him on his cell, at home and at work. I leave him messages telling him how much I love him and how he hurt me. Our son has even tried to help him financially, and my husband ruined our son’s credit.

Will he come home? I am so depressed and cry all the time. I don’t eat or sleep and can’t work since my mind is constantly on him. I know he still loves me. I feel it in my heart. Please don’t include his birthdate if you reply. I was born at about 4, but I don’t know if it’s morning or afternoon. Thank you for any advice you can offer. — Gemini

DEAR GEMINI: I don’t usually choose a request that lacks accurate birth data, but I feel in your case you need to hear whatever information I can offer based on what you submitted.

The astrological comparison between you and your spouse isn’t great. Yes, you have a physical connection, but you also have different life values, and that will never change.

Your husband is a man who lands on his feet because other people, like you, catch him and end up suffering for his lifestyle. I do not see him changing, nor do I see him going for help unless forced by authorities — or worse — a bookie who cares little about feeble excuses.

Please do not bail out this man again. He is going through very rough astrological transits this year and next, and you should let him pay the price for the mistakes he’s made. That is the only way he may kick the gambling habit.

You and your son should cut your losses and get on with your lives.

               **             **             **

DEAR EUGENIA: I met my twin flame well over 20 years ago. Although he is younger (born Dec. 13, 1959), we are deeply and karmically connected. However, we always fight and can’t seem to settle into a loving relationship. I’m wondering if he is a false flame? We’ve had many lifetimes together, I’m sure. I was born Dec. 6, 1948, at 8:29 p.m. — Sagittarius

DEAR SAGITTARIUS: The astrological comparison between you and your Sagittarius man is riddled with sorrow. Whether it’s karmic or not, I believe you have both paid your dues and should move on. He was never meant to be more than a lover, and if that’s all you both want, fine. However, to try to turn this relationship into one that is emotionally and intellectually good is unlikely.

With his natal Mars (god of war, energy, anger) sitting on your natal Mercury (communication/thought process), the arguments are destined to continue. To make matters worse, his natal Neptune (deception/disillusionment) sits on your natal Venus (physical love), and this leads to sorrow should you try to cohabitate.

**             **             **

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Dear Eugenia

SUNDAY, JULY 8, 2018

DEAR EUGENIA by Eugenia Last

DEAR EUGENIA: I have been struggling the last few years financially, as well as with relationships. I feel like there must be hope for a better life or happiness ahead. I am a single mom of three kids (19, 11 and 8). I have had many difficulties with my oldest son, as he is the result of an unwilling situation and has had anger and rage his entire life. The last few years his behavior has been getting worse — lying, manipulating and using everyone for anything. Two years ago, he assaulted me and went to live with my brother, who I do not care to have a relationship with. My son struggled there as well and displayed the same behaviors. He came back a year ago and was to pay me back for a few things and pay rent to help out. Instead, he has drained me again. Over money owed to me, he again assaulted me, worse this time, and now he’s gone again, as I cannot have an angry child hurting me and taking away from his younger brother and sister. Is there no repairing our relationship? More importantly, is he going to be OK? I fear we will never speak again. His birthday is May 20, 1999, at 3:20 a.m.

Also, for the last five years I have been heartbroken over someone I thought was the love of my life. First, he was hot and cold, then he disappeared. Two years ago, he ended up with our best friend’s girlfriend of 11 years. Was I wrong to feel so strongly about him? I love him and believe he will be back. His birthday is Feb. 19, 1983, at 9:32 a.m.

What has been going on? Every time I try to be OK, something else happens to challenge me. — Looking Forward

DEAR LOOKING FORWARD: I commend you for your positive outlook. You’ve been through a lot, and dealing with a child like your son is probably the most difficult situation a mother can possibly experience short of having that child pass before you do. Your astrological comparison with your son is actually good. His problems are not your fault, but they are undoubtedly going to have a major effect on your life and emotional well-being. Your son has a chance to make improvements during the next couple of years, but it will require facing his demons head-on, and that won’t happen as long as you are his safety net. Hard as it may be for both of you, it’s a make-it-or-break-it period in which your son will survive or end up suffering the consequence. There is nothing more you can do. Tough love is required. It’s unfortunate that his father cannot step up and step in when he is most needed.

Your comparison with your Pisces man is decent, but the past few years have been next to impossible for him. I believe he has made many personal mistakes, but that doesn’t mean you should give in to his character flaws, which show up loud and clear in his chart. You deserve better and should look ahead when it comes to love and romance.

You will head into a high cycle regarding love next year and should look for someone who can help to improve your life and standard of living.

               **             **             **

DEAR EUGENIA: Three years ago, I liked a guy I met on a dating site who was born Dec. 14, 1981. I was born May 6, 1973, at 3:47 a.m. We had some great conversations, even exchanging email addresses. We never went out on a date; I wasn’t his physical type according to his profile. Then he met someone, so obviously it was no longer appropriate to write, so I deleted him from my contacts. (However, one time he was a customer at my place of employment, and he wasn’t with a woman, and I introduced myself quickly.)

Fast-forward to now. A friend took me out to eat, and guess who our waiter was? While I don’t think he remembered me, I certainly remembered him. I tried to make as much eye contact as possible, and he’d occasionally join our conversation.

The following week I told a different friend about my chance encounter. She asked if I gave him my number. It never crossed my mind (plus, nowadays, it might be considered harassment), and it’s been bothering me ever since my friend brought it up.

Could the universe have been trying to tell me something? Would we have had any compatibility? — Taurus

DEAR TAURUS: You have an interesting comparison with your Sagittarius man, but when it comes to love, he is truly a free-spirited guy with a “love them and leave them” mentality. Emotionally he is not a good bet on your part, as he is likely to cause you a lot of pain. The fact that he was clear that you weren’t his type should be enough for you to know better than to venture down that path.

You are in a high cycle right now regarding love, so don’t waste your time trying to get his attention when you should be considering someone who is more inclined to want to make a commitment. Perhaps a Taurus, Cancer or Capricorn would be a better choice. Attending a reunion or reconnecting with someone from your past or even someone you meet through a colleague or industry event would be a better match.

               **             **             **

DEAR EUGENIA: I have been married five years and had a great relationship, but things changed this year. My husband has been cheating on me for six months, and I always forgive him.

Do you see us staying together? I feel unstable in our relationship. The other woman’s birthday is March 12. She keeps trying to take him from me. I don’t want to lose him. I was born Feb. 26, 1975, and my husband was born Jan. 15, 1959. — Pisces

DEAR PISCES: Without the year of birth for your husband’s lover, I can’t tell you much about their relationship. What I can tell you is that you have a good comparison emotionally, mentally and physically, so the problem is not you.

Your husband’s chart denotes that he is a smooth talker, and when it comes to love, he can’t seem to get his act together, which promotes sorrow and discord with those who get involved with him. Trying to hold on to someone who is always going to be searching for something more will only lead to pain and heartache.

You can stay and experience years of him repeating this type of behavior or you can give him an ultimatum, move on and find peace of mind and a lover who can offer you a monogamous relationship. You deserve better.

**             **             **

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Dear Eugenia

SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018


DEAR EUGENIA: I lost my job in February; it was my fault. I am looking very hard for another opportunity. I want this job to last for the rest of my career (eight years). I have worked in the health insurance industry and am afraid (because everyone is connected via LinkedIn) that I will be bad-mouthed and blacklisted from getting a position in that industry. I desperately need a job, and I’m not sure where I should be applying or what I should do. When do you see me landing a new job? I have sent out 20 resumes and have no job prospect yet.

You have always been spot on with all your predictions. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. I was born March 31, 1961, at 10:55 p.m. — Aries

DEAR ARIES: It’s time to do some backtracking and some networking. Your chart indicates you should be attending industry events, seminars or connecting with anyone you got along with in your prior work experience.

With transiting Saturn moving through an area of your chart that deals with how you earn your living poorly situated to your natal Moon in an area that deals with how well you can do, it is important you learn from your mistakes and make amends if you want to get another chance.

Between now and November, you should consider picking up new skills, as well as applying for positions that are short term, to work your way back in. Start connecting with more of your colleagues through LinkedIn and break the ice.

It’s always darkest before the dawn, and yes, there is work that needs to be done on your part, but if you are willing to go through the process to turn things around, you will find success as this year ends and the new one begins.

               **             **             **

DEAR EUGENIA: I’ve had a rough year. I lost my job in June last year. I got a new job a few months later, but the pay and the working conditions are not what I was hoping for.

Now it looks like I’m getting a really good job. I would like to know whether things are finally going to change for the better.

Also, my wife and I are simply not getting along anymore. She was born at about 1:00 a.m. on Jan. 1, 1967, and I was born Oct. 17, 1969, at 4:15 p.m. — Libra

DEAR LIBRA: Yes, indeed, the tides are turning in regard to your work, position, status and reputation. As long as you work hard, you will reap the rewards. However, partnerships are another story, and can cause difficulties for you across the board if you let what’s happening at home interfere with your productivity at work. That said, if you let work consume you, your relationship at home will suffer.

The comparison with your wife is not bad but also not without problems. The problem you face is showing up more in your chart than it is in hers.

Since the end of last year, you began a transit that has caused uncertainties and questions in your personal relationship. It has set you on what I refer to as a “make it or break it” situation. This will continue until the end of the year when you will choose to stay or to leave. The best way to handle what’s going on between you is to communicate. Discuss the disconnect and how best to deal with it. I believe you have enough of a connection to make this work unless one or both of you has had or does have a desire to be with someone else.

Lay your cards on the table and be willing to go to counseling if you want to avoid the ordeal of splitting up emotionally, financially and physically.

               **             **             **

DEAR EUGENIA: I’m one of your many thousands of followers. I separated from my ex-husband seven years ago; in early 2016, we signed our divorce papers.

Now my question is, do you think love is on the horizon for me? I have been going out with a guy for almost five months, but I’m not too sure about him.

I’m thinking of going back to school and regrouping my life to find a better paying job. Is financial gain coming my way this year? I was born Dec. 4, 1968, at 5 a.m.

Thank you in advance! And God bless you!– Ms. Future Unknown

DEAR MS. FUTURE UNKNOWN: I’d venture to say you are not that attached to your current boyfriend, considering you neglected to submit his birth data. So, let’s begin with your romantic prospects this year.

The summer looks good for love. It’s apparent that someone from your past will surface, if this should be the case, tread carefully or you may end up in a similar situation as your last marriage. You match up best to partners born under the signs Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

The area of your chart that deals with expanding your knowledge, skills and self-improvement will be in a high cycle beginning late fall and will continue throughout most of next year.

Don’t be too eager to bring about change before the fall. Take the summer to see how your relationship pans out with your current love interest and to deal with the baggage you still carry from past disappointments. Moving forward in a positive manner entails letting go of the past first.

**             **             **

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Dear Eugenia

SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 2018

DEAR EUGENIA by Eugenia Last

DEAR EUGENIA: I’m looking for guidance regarding my life path during the next several months. My birthdate is Jan. 16, 1961, at 7:11 a.m. There have been many shake-ups in my life the last few months. I received a considerable promotion in my job, the last of my children has moved out on his own, I am an empty nester now and I will be moving to a new home in a couple months after living in the same home for almost eight years.

My last serious relationship ended more than five years ago, but I haven’t been looking to date because I’ve been caught up with being a single mother, focusing on my job and trying to mend my broken heart.

Do you see any opportunities in the near future that I might find a new love interest? If so, when? My ex has finally moved on, and I’d like to do the same. I would like to settle down sooner rather than later. Please tell me it is not too late for me to find love.

I have so much love I would like to share with someone other than family and co-workers. — Color Me Blue

DEAR COLOR ME BLUE: Your depression and concern regarding finding love have been set off by transiting Saturn. This great planet is a teacher, disciplinarian and a warrior for bringing greater security and stability into people’s lives if they know how to handle the lessons offered.

Right now, Saturn is sitting on your ascendant, and this can cause depression and the desire to get more out of life and your relationship with others. Your actual Saturn return doesn’t begin until early next year. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be going through the process of how to move forward in regard to love and marriage.

Since late last year transiting Jupiter has been well positioned to your natal Venus, and that is usually an indication that love is close by. Although this is in effect until the end of the summer, nothing will happen if you don’t engage in the process of socializing and looking for love.

You match up well to the signs Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. Your chart indicates that someone from your past or someone you work or have worked with would be a good match. Attending reunions, networking functions and industry events would be a good place to start.

               **             **             **

DEAR EUGENIA: I’m expecting a baby, due in early October. My new boyfriend (not the father) and I are struggling financially. But he’s recently come across an opportunity to make extra money on the side. The problem is that the legality is not necessarily sound. That being said, he has already agreed that if we decide to pursue this avenue, nothing will be happening at our house.

I’m concerned how this will pan out. What he’s considering doing has a hefty prison sentence attached if he’s caught. But he’d be doing it to pay rent and buy things we need for the baby, so I’m torn. Any advice is greatly appreciated. He is a Cancer. Born July 21, 1992. I’m unsure of the time of day. And I’m a Pisces. Born Feb. 26, 1993, at 9:40 p.m. — Young Love

DEAR YOUNG LOVE: I think you know my answer, and frankly, I don’t need to look at your charts to tell you what you should do, but I will to give you an idea of the outcome.

You have a strong astrological connection to your fella. Without his time of birth, it’s impossible to tell whether he will be incarcerated, but given the transits that will hit his natal chart during the next four years and with what your chart is experiencing during the next two years, I believe it’s inevitable that his luck will run out and you will end up a single mom.

If you truly love this man, I suggest you find another way to pull in extra cash legally. Start doing something to contribute financially as well. If he truly loves you, this should not be the route he takes to prove it.

Your guy is lucky, but not so fortunate that he won’t get caught — or something worse.

               **             **             **

DEAR EUGENIA: I need to know the family dynamics between my children and their respective families and myself. My two grandchildren mean the world to me, and I’d like to know the role I can play in each of their lives.

I am also deciding on what next to do in my life as I’m entering a new phase. I’ve made grave mistakes in the past — selling my home — and am now looking to buy another. I’m hoping you can confirm this is the right move. Also, should it be a house or a condo, in town or out and close to my sister or not?

As for career, do I stay put, semiretire, fully retire and do something altogether different? As you can see, I am at odds right now and could use some direction. I was born March 29, 1953, at 12:01 a.m. — Happy Aries

DEAR HAPPY ARIES: Your chart indicates your desire to be a big part of your children’s and grandchildren’s lives and that you should spend the next two years traveling back and forth between them in order to establish your place in their lives.

It is also evident that uncertainty regarding your career will continue during this period, leading me to believe you should at least semiretire so you can enjoy travel and spending time with your kids.

Regarding your decision to buy back into the market, it is apparent that late fall until next summer is the best time for you to purchase. Whether it’s a condo or small house, city or country, is not indicated by the transits you are experiencing next year. However, if you plan to travel, not having to worry about your home would be less stressful. My biggest concern is the temptation to purchase too quickly when time is truly on your side.

**             **             **

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Dear Eugenia

WEEK OF June 10, 2018

DEAR EUGENIA by Eugenia Last

Dear Eugenia

My husband died on 8/11/2013. It has been almost 5 years and I have relocated. I had a long distance friendship with an old friend that began when he texted me late October 2015. We met face to face on 3/29/16 and have been doing the “should we, shouldn’t we” relationship dance ever since. He is divorced. We both had issues to overcome. I feel ready to move into a deeper relationship, will he? I was born June 26, 1957 at 11:35 AM and he was born June 8, 1957.


Dear Cancer

The comparison between you and your Gemini friend is quite good. The mental and physical connection is superb however emotionally there is an element of disillusionment that ties into the past, old friends and most of all both your assets and how best to deal with such matters should you move forward.

He may be a Gemini by Sun sign but having his natal Mercury (thought process) in Taurus will lead to a what’s his and what he wants to ensure he keeps for perhaps a dependent will be of utmost importance. This along with having his natal Venus (Love) in Cancer representing home and parental and family responsibilities makes it difficult for him to move forward.

These matters have to be discussed openly and perhaps some paperwork put into place to ensure that you both maintain what you bring into the relationship monetarily first and foremost.

With transiting Saturn in an area of your chart that deals with home and family you are more then ready to settle down. Without his time of birth I do not know how transiting Saturn is influencing him however it probably has put in into a quandary regarding should he stay or should he go.

Communication is required if you want this relationship to move to the next level.

**             **             **

Dear Eugenia,

I switched jobs and have been working at this new company for almost a year and a half now. It is a really good company however some days I like it and some days not so much. Simple things can take a long time to get done. How do you see my career path moving forward?

I have 3 kids with my common law partner. Her b-day is November 13 1985 and mine is October 28, 1983 at 9:30 AM. We have been together 12 years. What are your thoughts on us?


Dear Scorpio

When you changed jobs your chart was experiencing some frustration and limitations where work was concerned which gave rise to the highs and lows you have been going through since the switch. Last fall transiting Jupiter may have caused some uncertainty regarding whether or not you made the right choice however that appears to be clearing up somewhat between now and the fall.

My concern is as the year comes to a close and throughout 2019 you will have some interesting transits passing through your chart that can influence your status and position. On the positive side it appears to be good from a work perspective and either another job change within or to a competitive company. However, personally your situation at home or with important relationships problems could arise due to taking on too much, lack of attention or someone overreacting or being indulgent.

Your relationship with your Scorpio partner appears to be more of a karmic connection and a learning experience. Drifting apart is something you have to watch out for. Relationships take work and open and honest communication to maintain equality and balance.

**             **             **

Dear Eugenia

2016 was a devastating year. I experienced a theft of items that were sentimental to me. My friend (Sig. Other) had a severe Stroke that left him with paralysis on his left side which for a person who works with his hands continues to frustrate and demoralize him. Then, the coup de grace was the Stage 4 diagnosis lung cancer of my son- born 8:50 pm on June 13 1984. He died on January 10, 2018.

I have had other challenges like a betrayal by my husband years ago, a niece as well. 
 I am reeling from all these challenges. I fear what is in store for me in the future. I fear that when something appears to be going well a major event will blindsides me.

I often feel burdened, that I am in the wrong place at the wrong time…. out of place…do not belong… even ‘cursed’…. And I don’t know why as I have strived to help those around me…. Why?

I have a daughter. I fear for her now. She was born 11 am, Oct 20 1987…. she is my only blood family left. 
 I was born January 9, 1953 at 11:10 AM. Please offer reasons for all this “badness”


Dear Capricorn

2016 was a particularly difficult year for you due to transiting Saturn, however that isn’t the only reason you have experienced such problems throughout your life. You were born with your natal Sun adversely positioned to your natal Neptune in an area of your chart that deals with relationships, possessions, home and reputation. What this means is that you are prone to experiencing disillusionment, deception, misunderstandings and mishaps in these areas of your life.

Your daughter has a very different chart from that of your son’s however not that different than yours which bares the burden of helping others and being shafted often. The best way to protect her is to teach her to not be as trusting and gullible and to look out for herself first. Earlier this year she began to experience a transit that can cause confusion with regard to important relationships, her position, status or reputation. This will continue until December making it important for her to be on guard.

A loss of a child is one you never get over. I know that one first hand having lost a child as well. My heart goes out to you. Your chart indicates that you are going through depression this year due to incidents that have happened with people you love. As Saturn continues to move across the top of your chart you should be learning from the past and focusing on the future and how best to make the most of what you do have going for you. In other words walk away from the negative and toward the positive. The positive being that you have transiting Jupiter moving through an area of your chart that deals with partnerships, assets, improving your home and relationships with those you love and coming into unexpected opportunities, gains and gifts.

The next two years should be spent weeding out what you no longer need. Put the past behind you and branch out in a direction that will ease stress. Happiness is the prerequisite of doing what’s best for you.

**             **             **

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Dear Eugenia

SUNDAY, JUNE 3, 2018


DEAR EUGENIA: I’ve been unhappily married with my partner (born Dec. 15, 1977), and at this point cannot fathom where it’s heading or going to end up. I was involved with another (born Dec. 24, 1978), who is unavailable, and I believe I need to let that go. I was born Dec. 6, 1975, at 8:17 a.m. Any suggestions or indications of what might happen in the next year or two regarding my current situation? I’m at a loss and don’t know what to expect or to do next. — Unhappily Married

DEAR UNHAPPILY MARRIED: I always find it such a shame when a couple has a pretty amazing astrological comparison and still can’t seem to make it work. Relationships, like most things in life, take effort, togetherness, communication and definitely as time passes, dedication to keeping the mental, physical and emotional love fired up.

First to rid you of any second thoughts regarding your unavailable partner, let’s just say you don’t match up as well. However, when in the midst of love and passion, and without any actual responsibilities to one another, it’s easy to think you’ve found the person of your dreams.

You and your current partner have experienced some very limiting transits the past three years that have contributed to some of the problems you are facing. However, neither one of you, from what I can see, has worked hard enough to make this relationship work. I believe with communication and perhaps counseling you may be able to turn things around. You owe it to one another to give this relationship the next two years to see if you can salvage what’s left.

Both being born under the sign Sagittarius doesn’t make it easy for the two of you to live up to whatever commitment you made to one another. With your Sun sign falling in an area of your chart that is secretive and conducive to affairs, it isn’t surprising you looked for love elsewhere instead of working on mending your marriage. To make matters worse, your spouse’s Sun sign also falls in this very secretive area of your chart as well. Without your spouse’s time of birth, I cannot tell you where Sagittarius falls in his or her natal chart, but if it’s anywhere else, I’d say you stand a chance of reconciliation if you are both willing to try.

               **             **             **

DEAR EUGENIA: I’ve often seen you say things like “you were born under this sign, but love like another sign.” I’ve tried to read my chart, but I don’t know that I fully understand everything I read. It seems vague.

I’m curious because I was technically due early April, but my mother had to induce labor and I was born March 25, 1973, at 3:51 p.m. instead. Does when you were “supposed” to be born play any part? I feel I possess a lot of Aries traits, such as being bold, direct and determined. However, I’m also pretty insecure and unsure of myself, which is the opposite of the usual confident Aries.

On a separate note, I have not been in any sort of romantic relationship in more than 10 years. I’ve been on dates and had several crushes but nothing seems to work out. I read somewhere that people born on March 25th are very likely to end up alone. That makes me sad because I really would like to have love in my life. I’ve tried setups and online dating. It just seems I can’t find anyone I connect with. Either I’m not interested in them or they aren’t interested in me. It’s very lonely.

Perhaps some insight into my first question could help me out with the second. — Aries Girl

DEAR ARIES GIRL: A natal chart is like your fingerprint; you cannot read about your Sun sign and expect it to be anything but vague. Your natal chart is based on the moment the umbilical cord is cut. At that precise moment in time your life manual or roadmap came to be.

You are an Aries by Sun sign, and you have your natal Venus in that sign as well, so indeed you do tend to love like an Aries as well, but you think like a Pisces. You also have your natal Neptune adversely positioned to your natal Mercury, so this is where the confusion or insecurity comes into play. This particular aspect between Mercury and Neptune falls between an area that represents your home and domestic situation and your important relationships with others. To make matters a little more difficult, your natal Saturn is also adversely situated to your natal Neptune and Mercury, limiting your ability to see relationships clearly as well as choosing the right partner.

Your chart indicates you will be in a high cycle this fall regarding such matters, but you should probably reevaluate what it is you are looking for in a partner and consider someone who complements your natal chart. An Aries, Leo, Libra or Aquarius is a safe bet.

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DEAR EUGENIA: I wrote to you nine years ago about my relationship, asking if my partner and I were compatible and if we would work out. You said we were compatible. However, our relationship just ended. His date of birth is Dec. 4, 1971, and I was born Sept. 20, 1976, at 2:52 a.m.

I am sad he is gone, but I always felt he never truly loved me and that he was never really mine. He had two alcoholic parents, and I felt the love he gave me was always surface, if that makes sense.

He was married prior to me for 12 years, and she left him. I knew he would never want to marry me, and I have never been married. I guess I am just looking for some wisdom from you. — Sad Virgo

DEAR SAD VIRGO: A good comparison doesn’t always mean smooth sailing. I know that since the beginning of this year Saturn has played a role in bringing this most recent development into play. It began to plague both you and your partner about three years ago when your partner experienced his second half-life Saturn.

This means he has been considering moving along for sometime — not because of something you do or did — but because he is feeling uncertain about life and what he might be missing. With transiting Saturn sitting on his natal Venus most of this year, it causes a make-it-or-break-it mindset regarding life and love. He is apt to make several changes this year and next. However, without his time of birth, it’s hard to speculate where or which way he will head.

Your chart indicates that you should be focused on work, creative endeavors, socializing and travel, that you should give yourself a chance to heal, grow mentally and spiritually and to make health and fitness priorities. Come fall and throughout next year, transiting Jupiter will help open up new possibilities regarding love.

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