Dear Eugenia
Dear Eugenia
Dear Eugenia
Dear Eugenia
Dear Eugenia
Dear Eugenia
Dear Eugenia

Dear Eugenia

SUNDAY, JULY 14, 2019

DEAR EUGENIA by Eugenia Last

DEAR EUGENIA: I thought I met my soul mate eight years ago, but after all this time, his family and friends believe I am a horrible person. It is weighing me down because he believes them, not me. Sometimes I feel he saw the light in me and the amazing things I could do to help others, including myself.

Now two individuals on drugs using him for a home and food among other things have planted everything he believes.

Apparently, someone has enforced some bad magic on me. This is why I no longer shine bright with love. Instead, I’m negative with despair and face difficult obstacles.

In order to have protection, there are psychics trying to make me pay a large sum of money and threatening me if I don’t. However, no one has been as accurate as you are.

My significant other was born Jan. 8, 1973, at 3:08 a.m., and I was born Aug. 27, 1979, at 10:12 a.m. I am dealing with a brain tumor and sometimes it also affects my ability to reason. — Virgo in Distress

DEAR VIRGO IN DISTRESS: First, let me clarify that I am not a psychic. I am an astrologer, which is quite different. Let me also ensure you that you don’t need to pay anyone to tell you that you are cursed and only they can remove the curse. It’s your belief that you are cursed in the first place that surrounds you with bad energy.

Your chart shows no reference to such shenanigans either. However, what it does indicate is that for many years you have attracted people who are not the best for you. This is due to a slow-moving planet (Neptune) that represents creativity and the like but also deception, disillusionment, stimulants or those who tend to be addictive.

In your case, this transit has been hitting your natal chart in a negative way for a number of years, and it will continue to do so until the spring of next year. On a positive note, it will be favorably positioned to another area of your chart that deals with how you earn your living, educational pursuits and taking better care of your prospects.

The comparison with your Capricorn man denotes sorrow, deception and abusive tendencies. He is emotionally manipulative and is probably not the best person for you. Although I see the physical attraction, I do not believe as a couple that you are right for one another.

               **             **             **

DEAR EUGENIA: I’m wondering if my relationship will last. We’ve been together for almost four years, and we have had our share of drama. I am a Pisces born on Feb. 20, 1971, at 6:40 a.m., and a sensitive one at that. My partner is a Libra born on Oct. 06, 1961, and he often speaks without thinking. I’m hoping the bad times are behind us. Do we have a future to look forward to?– Dazed and Confused

DEAR DAZED AND CONFUSED: Relationships take work. If only one of you is doing your part, eventually it will fizzle out. Your comparison is adequate, no major red flags, but there is emotional deception, and that indicates one or both of you are not being honest about the way you feel.

Without open communication, you will continue to face the drama and continuous ups and downs that this relationship has offered thus far, barring about the first nine months when you were both on your best behavior.

With transiting Saturn touching your natal Venus, it is causing you to question and reevaluate your relationship as well as compare it to past relationships and the relationships of others.

Without his time of birth, I cannot be sure where his ongoing uncertainty comes across in his personality, but if it happens to be in an area that deals with relationships, this could be a trigger that sets off the drama that reverberates back and forth.

               **             **             **

DEAR EUGENIA: I am in my late forties. I’m single and lead a boring life. Do you see any positive changes coming soon? My work schedule gives me no time for socializing, so I have very few friends. Also, my type of work and the people I work with are not the best. Do you see any improvement in the area of love or work? I was born on Feb. 22, 1971, at 6 p.m. — Mermaid

DEAR MERMAID: With transiting Saturn sitting in an area of your chart that deals with socializing, it can certainly limit your chance to advance in the romance department and at the same time make you desire a chance to find true love and companionship. Next year you will be in a better position to meet people. That doesn’t necessarily mean you will have more time to socialize, but it can lead you to reputable online dating sites where you can meet someone who has as little time as you do to get out and play.

Your job does limit you in some ways, and the people may not be the best or most stimulating in your mind, but it has been a good career. The problem stems from the same Saturn transit causing these feelings of despair. However, when the year comes to an end, things will begin to change, and throughout 2020 and 2021, there will be better professional options.

               **             **             **

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Dear Eugenia

SUNDAY, JULY 7, 2019

DEAR EUGENIA by Eugenia Last

DEAR EUGENIA: I’m genuinely beginning to wonder if something is wrong with me! I consider myself to be a charming and friendly person, but I can’t seem to find friends.

Trying to find love is even harder! It’s to the point where I keep going back to the man I’ve been in and out of a relationship with for the last 20 years, knowing it’s not good for me. I simply don’t want to be alone. I don’t know what to do at this point since I’m not one to hang out alone in bars or clubs. I’ve tried online dating, but because of my preference, whoever I meet is always so far away. I was born on Sept. 27, 1969, at 12:18 a.m. — Lonely Libra

DEAR LONELY LIBRA: Your chart doesn’t indicate that you have a bad vibe, but it does denote you do have a certain standard that you live by, and that can narrow your chance to find true love.

What is apparent is that the past couple of years, you have been feeling more like settling down. That feeling will continue for at least the next 18 months. On a positive note, beginning in late August, you will start a high cycle concerning meeting potential partners. However, that means you will have to make an effort.

You should be considering your preference when it comes to a partner, and research to see if there is an online dating service that is geared toward what you are looking for. Distance may be a problem, but someone you meet may entice you to make a move or be willing to do so.

Traveling, attending conferences, trade shows or signing up for a course or something physical you enjoy can also lead to a special connection.

You are overdue for a change. Personal growth, a change of scenery or picking up a new hobby should all be considered.

               **             **             **

DEAR EUGENIA: I am a regular on your website, and it is beneficial. I cannot thank you enough.

I moved to a different country as an international student in August 2016. Nobody in my family forced me; it was my decision. But now it’s been three years here, and I am on a work permit, and I might even get residency if I work hard enough. But now I have started to miss my home and family and wonder whether to stay or go. If I stay here, I can potentially make a lot of money, and if I move back, I won’t have the same opportunities to be successful. My heart tells me to move back after my work permit expires in 2021. Since I have come here, my life has become dull; it’s only been work and sleep. Although this is a beautiful country, I get so lonely.

Also, this year in January, I traveled back home for my cousin’s wedding, which meant I had to leave my job. When I returned, I couldn’t find a job for three months. I finally found one, but I’m not getting many hours, and the pay is low, and my savings are literally zero. Should I decide to move back home, I will have to make a lot of money between now and 2021 if I’m going to be able to do so. Nothing is going to plan, and I don’t know what to do. I was born on Oct. 18, 1998, at 11:50 p.m. — Feeling Lost

DEAR FEELING LOST: Regarding your work-related problem, someone you have met or collaborated with through work or school is likely to give you a lead on a position that will help your financial situation. This will come into play December to April. It will be a position that can bring you in contact with people who can become more than just peers — in other words, friendships, relationships or partnerships.

You will be uncertain about moving home until the spring of next year. After that, you will have greater clarity regarding where you are living and how best to move forward. Consider what qualifications you can gain while still living in your current location to be prosperous should you return to your native homeland. It’s the experience and the education you gather that will determine how successful you will become, no matter where you decide to reside.

Sometimes you are your own worst enemy, refusing to see the possibilities and withdrawing from doing the things you need to do socially that will help you network your way into the opportunities you desire.

               **             **             **

DEAR EUGENIA: I’ve been divorced more than 20 years and have not had a lasting relationship since. I’m almost 70 now, and I feel like I never will. My children have their own lives, and most of my close friends have passed on. Is it too late for me to experience love? I have a Pisces male friend, but I’m not sure about him. His birthdate is March 18, 1950, and mine is Aug. 22, 1949, at 12:22 a.m. — Virgo

DEAR VIRGO: Your Pisces friend is a candidate for love according to your astrological comparison. However, before you make a decision, you should consider why you haven’t turned this friendship into something more already. If you aren’t feeling the connection or you think this relationship lacks opportunity or the potential to give you what you want or need out of a relationship at this stage of your life, you may want to hold out for a little longer.

Beginning next spring, you will see your life and what you want differently. You will gain stability, confidence and should have a chance. Make a choice to socialize, travel and participate more in life and love. This will continue throughout 2020 and 2021.

               **             **             **

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Dear Eugenia

SUNDAY, JUNE 30, 2019

DEAR EUGENIA by Eugenia Last

DEAR EUGENIA: I’ve been divorced for almost five years. My 16-year marriage was emotionally exhausting. I had to fight not to lose my personality every day. I had to work hard to regain my joy and confidence. I believe I am an attractive woman, and I deserve to be loved and respected.

Since my divorce, I had a few flings and a short relationship that was very emotional. It caused me anguish and sadness and took me some time to recover. I needed time to find my old, pre-marriage self and set my priorities. Being a mother was the most important thing for me.

About six months ago, I started a relationship with a wonderful man I’ve known for almost 10 years. I considered him a cherished friend and never thought he had a romantic interest in me. I enjoy our conversations and every moment we spend together. We are very comfortable. I feel secure around him, and I smile much more since I started seeing him romantically.

My concern is how committed my friend is to a long-term relationship. I am afraid to ask him, and perhaps he is afraid to ask me. He knows that independence is essential to me. My friend has been divorced and single for a long time. His children are all grown with their own families.

He is disciplined and set in his ways and habits. I am wondering if he has forgotten that being in a romantic relationship requires compromises. I understand and respect this; I don’t consider myself needy. However, in the past, I’ve been way too accommodating. We’ve been discreet about our relationship, but I am ready to be more involved in each other’s lives. The age difference between us is not lost on me but doesn’t bother me.

I realize I should address my concerns with my friend, but I am afraid I will “break the spell” or that I might be afraid of his answer. I was born on Jan. 6, 1973, at 4:45 a.m. My friend was born on March 14, 1950. — Capricorn

DEAR CAPRICORN: Your sign usually does much better with a partner who is much younger or much older. The astrological comparison is about as good as it gets — however, not perfect — but what is?

The uncertainty you are experiencing has more to do with you than it does with him, along with your eagerness to step your relationship up a notch.

Between now and late fall, your chart is in a high cycle regarding love and romance. This transit should not be wasted. Confront your Pisces man, and find out where he stands. If he backs away, you still have the rest of the year to seek that special forever relationship.

Without his time of birth, it’s difficult to say what his reaction will be. I don’t think he does well with ultimatums, but he does respect honesty. His chart also shows signs of uncertainty, but I cannot be specific regarding what area of his life it’s affecting without an accurate chart.

Should he back away, I believe he will have regrets in 2020, so you could end up back together if you don’t find someone who can fill his shoes.

               **             **             **

DEAR EUGENIA: Thank you ever so much for your excellent weekly horoscopes! They’re uncannily accurate.

I have been facing a lot of job insecurity and struggles in workplaces during the past few years. I have been searching for work for the last seven months. I’m also applying for jobs abroad in the hope I can move and start a new life elsewhere. It is proving to be very difficult.

I am with an Aquarian man (born Feb. 18, 1962), but we are not really moving forward. I am hoping that I can meet someone more suitable. If you have any ideas on how I can break this deadlock, I would be very grateful. I put 150 percent into everything I do, but there’s not much coming back to me. I’d love to have some stability in my life as well as a child if it’s not too late. My birthday is Sept. 14, 1974, at 10:02 a.m. — Virgo Sun

DEAR VIRGO SUN: You are experiencing your second half-life Saturn, and yes, that means you are up for a move and a lifestyle change. With transiting Jupiter moving through an area of your chart that deals with how you earn your living, you should be able to find a job opportunity between now and the end of the year.

What has been holding you back is procrastination. You may be a Virgo, but you think and physically take action like a Libra, and that means you tend to waffle if you hit a roadblock.

Start by picking the location you’d like to live, and consider the current employment trend in that area. If you lack skills or qualifications, do your best to pick up additional attributes to position yourself for success.

Your Aquarius friend should have been a friend, nothing more.

               **             **             **

DEAR EUGENIA: Since I finished college, I have struggled to find gainful employment. I tried many approaches, and nothing worked. Twelve years later, with a master’s degree and now a certificate in an unrelated field, I am optimistic I might find work. I have a couple of interviews coming up.

Also, I have struggled to form romantic relationships throughout my life. I had one serious relationship in my early twenties, and since then, I have not met anyone I really like. Based on my chart, do you think this could change at some point? I was born on June 27, 1985, at 8:11 a.m. — Cancer

DEAR CANCER: Your chart indicates that when it comes to both love and work, you look for quality, stability and security. You are particular and not likely to settle for less than what you want. There is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it can save you a lot of regret, heartache and mistakes.

Transiting Saturn is finally moving through an area of your chart that deals with work and how well you get along with your peers and boss. What this indicates is that if you are personable, show a tendency toward being a team player and you do your best to get to know the people you work with outside of work, you can do quite well. This can also lead to meeting the love of your life. You will be in a high cycle romantically in 2020.

The problem in the past may have been a reluctance to let your personal and professional life overlap. You’ve studied hard, you’ve got the knowledge; however, social skills will make the difference in how successful you are moving forward.

               **             **             **

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Dear Eugenia

SUNDAY, JUNE 23, 2019

DEAR EUGENIA by Eugenia Last

DEAR EUGENIA: I am 27 years old and haven’t had a relationship since my split from my wife almost 4 years ago. I did have to take a lot of time to get over it. And I admit I am now quite selective in finding the right one, especially after my experience. But it seems a bit abnormal that I am single for this long. Is this supposed to be my path for learning and getting to know myself? Is there something in my chart blocking me from finding a companion, or is it my own fault somehow? (Meaning there’s nothing astrologically preventing me.) I was born, July 7, 1991, at 9 p.m. — Searching

DEAR SEARCHING: With the astrological transits you’ve been experiencing the past four years, it really wasn’t the right time for you to get involved again. You are correct in saying it has been a period of reflection and soul-searching.

Transiting Saturn has been moving across your ascendant and is slowly heading toward Aquarius and your first Saturn return in 2021. This is when you will be truly ready to walk down the aisle again. Between now and then, time will be spent finding the right partner.

With transiting Jupiter being positioned favorably to your natal Venus this year, you are ready to socialize more and to recognize someone you meet as marriage material. This transit began in the spring and will be highlighted in the fall. If you happen to meet someone earlier this year who caught your attention, you may want to take another look.

You may be a Cancer by sun sign, but you think and love like a Leo. However, with your natal Saturn situation opposite your natal Mercury, you are a reserved lion who loves passionately and takes relationships seriously.

               **             **             **

DEAR EUGENIA: I met a guy born, Feb. 29, 1999, in March 2019 online. Within no time we became serious about each other and started a long-distance relationship. Although it seemed that this person was very serious about me and also said that he wouldn’t mind converting his religion for me, on May 6th around 1 a.m., he said that his parents won’t allow him to change his religion and so we should split up.

Eugenia, since you mention people should have an astrological comparison cast before falling in love, I did. It seemed that this person was meant to be my soul mate. Was this person ever serious about me? Will he come back in my life? Or is this the end for us? I was born, July 20, 2000, at 3:45 p.m. — Cancer

DEAR CANCER: Yes, indeed, your astrological comparison is good, but another match to someone else might be even better. Don’t lose hope. Family and religion play huge factors in whether a relationship will work. It’s unfortunate that this type of intervention takes place, but it does.

You have been going through a high cycle regarding love and will continue to most of this year, so venture out and meet new people. Keep in mind that you are still very young and that you should be enjoying your youth, going to school and building a life of your own before you undertake such a venture as marriage.

Keep in mind that you asked this young man to give up his religion for you, but did you offer to do the same in return? Perhaps your parents might have the same reaction.

What’s your hurry? Your chart indicates that you will get married. Time is on your side, and ending up with someone you have a loving and equal relationship with should be your goal. Getting involved in a relationship where your family or your chosen partner’s family do not get along is not ideal.

               **             **             **

DEAR EUGENIA: I am looking for a new job and am feeling very insecure about this. I worry about doing terribly, whether during an interview or if I do get the job, and I worry about getting the wrong position.

I am also unsure about how to proceed with my relationship. My boyfriend, born April 5, 1997, at 2:12 p.m., stood by me through the most challenging times of my life last year. Both of us are very serious about this relationship, even if it’s often a bumpy road with our personality differences and difficulties in our personal lives. However, my mother, born Dec. 7, 1972, is firmly against this relationship. As I felt the prolonged conflict was leading us nowhere, I have lied to her about seeing him.

I feel that we need time, maybe a year or even four, before I can try to convince her again. Lying is making me very uncomfortable. I also fear that the truth might be discovered while I wait for the right time to tell her, and this will only make things worse in the future. I was born July 4, 1998, at 1:20 p.m. — Worried Crab

DEAR WORRIED CRAB: Uncertainty regarding work, doing a good job, liking what you do and so on and so forth, is something that shows up in your natal chart. It’s not that you can’t find a job or do a good job; it’s more about being stuck in a position that is boring, not living out your dreams and most of all, being self-critical.

Stop second-guessing what you want to do, and start doing. You are just turning twenty-one this year, and you have your whole life ahead of you. The jobs you take on during your twenties are going to prepare you for what you will eventually end up doing. They are not permanent — just learning processes that will carry you forward as you mature and discover how you really want to spend your time.

Honesty is the best policy. Hiding your feelings for this young man from your mother is adding stress to your life. The comparison between your mother and your boyfriend is actually quite good. If she would only give him a chance, they could become very close.

Her chart denotes that she doesn’t think he is good enough for you, but she also hasn’t taken the time to really get to know him. The time to confess will never be ideal, but it must be addressed, and the sooner it is, the better. Make sure she realizes how much this man has been there for you and how much he means to you. Ask her to give him a chance.

               **             **             **

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Dear Eugenia

SUNDAY, June 16, 2019

DEAR EUGENIA by Eugenia Last

DEAR EUGENIA: Are you using your abilities to find cures for disease? Do you need any help? Am I a good enough psychic to pursue anything on my own? Where is a good place to apply my skills? Thanks for any suggestions you can offer. I know you’re incredibly busy and talented. I was born on Aug. 26, 1982, at 7:23 a.m. — Virgo

DEAR VIRGO: Astrology is a mathematical science and interpretive art. The art of timing, not psychic. Everyone is intuitive. However, some tend to use their intuitions more than others. My difficulty with psychics is that they usually don’t study the art of astrology to help back the way they feel. There are transits we encounter throughout life that magnify our intuitive abilities and transits that cloud our ability to tune in accurately. This is why having the astrological knowledge to back the way you feel is so important.

Astrology is a subject that should be taught in school. It would help children develop a tolerance for others by fully understanding it’s OK that we are not all the same and that everyone has something unique to bring to the table.

My research has to do with preventive medicine, not cures. I’m looking for transits that show poor health and when an individual is likely to fall ill. Early diagnosis is crucial and can save many lives. As mentioned, timing is everything.

The data I’m collecting at eugenialast.com regarding cancer and mental health is to determine a pattern in charts that makes a person susceptible to such illnesses and to detect when such disease is likely to strike.

Regarding your psychic ability, yes, it does show up in your chart, but so does misuse of the power. It is essential to continue to learn. I am often asked how long it took me to master my craft. My answer is always the same, “At least another ten lifetimes.”

               **             **             **

DEAR EUGENIA: I’m hoping you will help me with compatibility before I take the risk of going big or going home by revealing my feelings to someone. I was born May 6, 1973, at 3:47 a.m. Their birthdate is April 24, 1991.

It all started with a simple smile and hello when we happened to see each other in passing over the summer in public. Three months later, I happened to go into where the said person works, not knowing they worked there. Ever since then, we’ve gradually developed some sort of friendship (our jobs are in the same lot).

Lately, I think we might be flirting, but am unsure (when I talk to my closest friends about what, they think so).

Any insight you could give me would be much appreciated. — Taurus

DEAR TAURUS: The desire to make a romantic move is due to transiting Uranus confronting your natal Mercury in an area of your chart that deals with how you view and deal with potential partners. What this means is that the planet that represents the unexpected, taking swift action and being unpredictable is tinkering with your need to be vocal about the way you feel. I urge you to hold off until you have had more time to think this one through.

The comparison with your Taurus friend does denote attraction, but it also harbors deception and sorrow. You by far have the stronger Taurus characteristics. Your friend, although charming and witty and bright, has some fickle qualities that may cause a problem moving forward.

I believe this relationship is best left as friendship unless you are just looking for a short-term encounter.

Your chart indicates that you are in a high cycle regarding love and relationships until late fall. I’d hate to see you waste this transit on someone likely to play with your heart.

               **             **             **

DEAR EUGENIA: I feel stuck in several areas of life: health, career and love. I have been a fan of yours for years. I have been chatting with someone online born Feb. 8, 1952, who seems to be kind. Should I meet him? As far as health, I’m trying to lose weight. Several years ago I had my thyroid removed. Thyroid cancer has been all gone thankfully since 2015, but I put on the extra weight, and now I’m struggling to take it off. My birthday is May 17, 1971, at 4:02 a.m. — Stuck

DEAR STUCK: Regarding health, staying on top of health issues, as I’m sure you are well aware, is essential. Your chart indicates problems where chronic health is concerned. However, fortunately, the area of your chart that deals with terminal illness looks relatively clear.

Weight gain can be stressful. However, you will head into a transit beginning 2021 that will make it easier to stick to a diet/fitness program. For now, make your priorities maintaining your weight and staying healthy.

How you earn your living is heading into a benevolent period this year and next. Between now and the late spring of next year, it is also a favorable time for interviews, picking up additional skills or making a move geographically to an area where there are more significant job opportunities. This fall, in particular, will be favorable when it comes to landing a job or receiving a promotion.

Where love and romance are concerned, you aren’t the best when it comes to choosing partners. You tend to give too much and get too little in return. You also attract people who can be controlling. Your current interest, although charming, indicates some anger and indulgence issues. You do not match up well emotionally, mentally or physically. The comparison shows uncertainty, and it’s probably best for you to take a pass. Please be sure to have an astrological comparison before you get involved.

               **             **             **

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Dear Eugenia

SUNDAY, JUNE 9, 2019

DEAR EUGENIA by Eugenia Last

Dear Eugenia,

Over the last 10 years, I have had some of the worst financial dealings from all types of relationships, income, contracts, investments – of time, money and talent… I am at full capacity and the end of my rope. I understand my part and responsibility in it all. My last of self-worth, esteem and value played a role. I do feel there have been small shifts over the last couple of months – however, I don’t know how much longer I can hold on. I don’t want to be a burden and always fearful and sad…

I work in the entertainment industry production and development for film and tv. I also work with children and have taken some side positions. However, I didn’t work my entire life to find myself losing everything and trying to start over. I know I’m compassionate, bright and talented. I am working on making improvements – as I always have been self-reflective. I was born on August 3, 1959, at 11:35 pm.

Where is the light, and can we make it green? Trying to remain optimistic and hopeful.


Dear Leo,

Impulsive decisions and being too trusting emotionally has been your downfall over the year. It’s built into your character and is one of those life lessons that can become very tedious if you cannot put an end to the cycle.

The past seven years transiting Saturn has not been accommodating, with everything coming to a head as your second Saturn return hit late 2017 and continued to beat you down until the end of 2018. You are right to say that the tide is turning. However, the question is, did you learn from the experience. Your first Saturn return happened in 1988. Think back and use the experience to help you make better choices moving forward.

Having a natal chart that has so many planets in so few signs makes it difficult at times however it can also be extremely favorable when transiting planets happen to favor you these closely-knit natal planets. In other words, you have a chart that can be very good or very bad.

At the end of this year transiting Saturn will move into your 10th house (the limelight house). The work you do and the deals you cut are crucial to how well you will do.  Transiting Jupiter will pose some uncertainty for you late November until the end of the year making it vital that you address issues head on, ask direct questions and you get what you want in writing. There will be no room for anger, wasting time on people and projects that are too time-consuming or waiting for someone to make up his or her mind. You will have to assess and take the path of least resistance to position yourself for success in 2020.

Call in favors, sign contracts and wheel and deal throughout the first half of 2020, and you will see the light shine brightly.

Dear Eugenia,

My husband, born 12/24/1982, wants a divorce. I, born 5/18/1982 at 5 am don’t want a divorce. We have 2 sons. The problem is he cheated on me. Now we don’t talk much. I used to yell. But now I don’t say anything. He doesn’t stay home. Sometimes he comes back very late. Sometimes he is just out for a week. I don’t ask anything.

He says he wants freedom. After the divorce he wants to stay in the same house but in a separate room. He says he is with someone. He doesn’t trust me, and I’m not sure why.   He gets upset over small, unimportant things. What does he want and why? I don’t understand what’s going on. Where he goes. Let me know if there is any chance of us getting back together?

Devastated Taurus

Dear Devasted Taurus,

Your husband appears to want you as his maid, babysitter, and cook. If you allow this to happen, you are teaching your sons that it is okay to treat a woman this way. What he is proposing is not in your best interest.

Your astrological comparison is okay. However, it can only survive if you are both willing to work toward the same goal and apparently that is not something that your husband is ready to do. There is a lack of physical attraction between you, but this is not your fault.

His chart indicates that he loses interest in a woman after he has had children with her. Without his new partners birth data or your husbands time of birth, I cannot be specific, but it is likely that he will have several partners throughout his life.

Your chart indicates that you should be getting your paperwork in order. Make sure you have a copy of your husband’s financial records and set up a meeting with a lawyer to ensure that you and your boys are taken care of financially. It’s time for you to set him straight and make it clear that if he wants his freedom, it comes at a price.

You are young charming and have plenty to offer someone who will treat you better. Your chart indicates you will be married more than once.

Dear Eugenia,

I met someone at work. We get along great and have spent a tremendous amount of time together outside of work. I have always kept it at a friendship level, but during my many hours with him, I have developed feelings for him and care very much about him. He also has feelings for me.

We never talked about our age difference. Not sure if this relationship will last. We may be both going through a phase in our life. He was born on March 01, 1994 between 11:30 pm and 12 am (He does not know the exact time), and I was born on August 04, 1960 at 4:45 pm.


Dear Confused,

Although there is a mutual attraction, there is also emotional deception that shows loud and clear in the comparison between you and this young man. Two ships passing in the night is the best way to describe your situation. You are wise to keep this connection as a friendship, nothing more. If you don’t think you can do so, you are best to move on and set him free. The potential for this to be some sort of karmic connection is possible, but that doesn’t mean one or both of you should not be wise enough to recognize the lesson to be learned and move on. Your chart indicates that you are in a high cycle concerning love this year and it appears you are wasting this transit on a relationship that isn’t meant to be.

**            **            **

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Dear Eugenia

SUNDAY, MAY 26, 2019

DEAR EUGENIA by Eugenia Last

DEAR EUGENIA: I reached out to you in the fall after a relationship ended unexpectedly. Since then that person continues to be in my life — now as a friend, as he is in another relationship, but the lines have been blurry at times. I don’t expect to date him again, but our connection is strong. I don’t have his complete birth data, but he was born June 5, 1972, and his moon is in Pisces.

In February I started dating an old friend, and the situation is a bit complicated, partly because it’s long-distance. I don’t know that it will last, and therefore, I’m trying to be careful how much I invest emotionally. The time we have spent together has been really good. We have a lot of affection for each other after many years of knowing one another, but it feels like he is careful not to make himself emotionally available — or that’s my interpretation. His birth data is Jan. 7, 1971, at 10:30 p.m.

Should I focus on moving on from both situations? Maybe get more distance from my ex and look for someone else to date? Or is it OK to let things unfold as they are now? My birth data is Dec. 3, 1970, at 4:20 a.m. — It’s Complicated

DEAR IT’S COMPLICATED: Without your ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend’s birth data, I cannot say whether he will be single in the not-so-distant future or if he matches up better to her than he does to you. What I can tell you is that your comparison with him is certainly much better than who you are involved with now. That being said, the better choice is unavailable, so it’s time to move on and start anew.

This year should be spent making personal changes that will enhance your lifestyle, earning capability or taking care of unfinished business involving past lovers or pending problems. As we head into the end of this year until the fall of next year, you will be in a much higher cycle regarding love and finding that forever partner.

               **             **             **

DEAR EUGENIA: I was in a three-year friendship with a guy that ended in December 2017. We used to text each other every day, and our friendship was mainly texting, meeting up, dancing and going for a coffee once in a while.

He wanted more, but I didn’t because he wasn’t physically attracted to me. One day he ended our friendship because during our texting he didn’t like my reply to something he had said. I was hurt by the way he handled it, and it took me some time to accept he was no longer there for me.

Since then, the few times I have seen him I ignored him. The only place I get to see him now is the dance place, and I feel uncomfortable that we don’t talk to each other. I would like to rekindle our friendship, but I don’t know how to go about it without looking needy or being rejected. I was born on May 12, 1957, and he was born July 15, 1959, times unknown. — Lost Friendship

DEAR LOST FRIENDSHIP: Your Cancer friend thinks like a Leo and loves like a Virgo, and his emotions are influenced by the sign Scorpio. This combination makes him proud and unlikely to forgive and forget. However, the comparison also indicates he was and is physically attracted to you. It also denotes that one or both of you has not been completely honest with your feelings.

If you really want to reunite with this man, you’d better be sure you want more than a dance partner or friendship. Hurt him once and he may be persuaded to give you a second chance; hurt him twice and he’s gone forever. If you just want a friend, let him go. He’ll settle for nothing less than a forever relationship.

               **             **             **

DEAR EUGENIA: How can we guide our son if he’s not willing to listen? He isn’t paying attention and he’s falling behind in his studies. He is misbehaving, being stubborn, showing anger and keeping poor company, which is resulting in bad habits and not communicating.

Any help is appreciated. He was born Nov. 28, 2002, at 11:45 a.m. — Worried Parents

DEAR WORRIED PARENTS: Your boy has been going through a very difficult few years. This year in particular he is prone to overreact, be indulgent and try things he shouldn’t. His chart indicates that substance abuse, along with behavior that could get him into trouble at school and with authority figures, is certainty a possibility.

His chart also indicates he lands on his feet and gets away with things over and over again. He has what I refer to as a spoon-fed chart. He has the charm to weasel his way out of situations, and because he has gotten away with it in the past, he continues to push the envelope.

With transiting Saturn moving through an area of his chart that deals with institutions and facilities, he could very easily end up being kicked out of school or put in detention by the end of the year if he doesn’t change his ways.

His home environment indicates he has been able to get away with things with or without you knowing. Either he was sneaky enough to do so or you turned a blind eye.

The biggest shame is that he has such a good chart. If he could channel his energy into something he loves to do, it would make all the difference in the world. He’s creative, smart and entertaining, but he needs structure, guidance and people he can talk to honestly. His turning point was 2017 when he experienced his half-life Saturn and decided he was bored and wanted to form friendships with people he shouldn’t.

His chart indicates he may have talent where physical or creative ability is required. However, if he has turned his interests to illicit behavior, he may have to learn the hard way.

If you can tempt him with activities or a hobby that he used to enjoy, you may be able to convince him to pour his energy into something more constructive.

               **             **             **

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