Dear Eugenia

Dear Eugenia

SUNDAY, APRIL 22, 2018


Dear Eugenia: I have been divorced for three years and am now open to finding love again. I’m a romantic at heart and am wondering if someone good and loving will enter my life? Do you see a second marriage?

I’m also thinking of buying property as an investment. Does this look like a favorable time period for financial gains?

I was born Aug. 4, 1968, at 4:32 a.m. and feel like I need to shake things up a little before I become too set in my ways. — Curiosity Killed the Big Cat

Dear CURIOSITY: To your first query, yes and yes, not quite yet but certainly heading in that direction. To clarify, come fall you will begin to move into a period that is conducive to partnerships and finding love. However, it’s important you don’t let someone who isn’t right for you taint your desire to find true love between now and the fall. If you should meet someone during the summer months, please have an astrological comparison cast to point out any pitfalls that show up. Waiting for the right partner will lead to a much better scenario over the next couple of years that could easily turn into a forever commitment.

The problem I foresee with a property investment is you pay too much and the overhead consumes you. Err on the side of caution and reconsider late this year or next.

Where you should be considering change is with regard to how you earn your living or ways to bring in extra cash without taking on too much of a burden. It is more apparent that you will make cash through working more so than investments.

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Dear Eugenia: I have a friend born Aug. 28, 1988, in Puerto Rico (time unknown). When he lived in the States, we became very good friends; it was easy and comfortable as we had similar interests. We seemed to be on the same wavelength.

There was a mutual romantic attraction, and we would’ve liked to date (our age difference concerned me, not him), but we knew he was returning to his homeland, so I didn’t want my heart to get broken.

We have kept in touch on a regular basis ever since (he’s been back in Puerto Rico almost a year), and one or both of us mentions what might have been, missing one another, etc. He often asks when I’ll come visit. Sometimes he says he still holds out hope for us and isn’t interested in other women.

Despite the age difference, from what you can tell, would we have had a good comparison? I was born May 6, 1973, at 3:47 a.m. — Taurus

DEAR TAURUS: Your friend has just experienced his first Saturn return, while you were going through your second half-life Saturn. The connection you have astrologically is quite special. However, I understand your trepidation due to the age difference. I have plenty of clients who have gone through a similar situation, and some have worked and others have not. Without your friend’s exact birth time, it is difficult for me to be sure, but from what I can see, you both should consider taking the time to find out rather than spending the rest of your lives regretting what might have been.

He is a Virgo with his natal Venus (love) in Cancer, and I believe it when he says the age difference doesn’t bother him. The problem is within you and whether you can overcome this concern. I feel you both went through your Saturn experiences and evaluated your situation enough that if you dig deep, you’ll discover you know what feels right and you’ll take a chance on love. Life is short and precious moments should not be denied.

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Dear Eugenia: I’m a single mom working part-time at a company where I’ve been feeling kind of stuck lately, but I fear to quit because I would have to start school again and look for a better job, which would bring new challenges.

I’m open for a new love relationship, but I feel rather defensive toward people. I also feel so disconnected from my son, and on the whole, to people in general. I suppose I’ve become an introvert. Any suggestions? I was born Sept. 6, 1990, at 10 a.m. — Virgo

Dear VIRGO: You didn’t mention your son’s birth information, so I cannot comment much about that. However, what I can tell you is that where children show up in your chart you began to go through a period that would cause distance between you and your children or an inability to relate to them.

This will pass, but before it does, you are heading into your first Saturn return. This happens to fall in an area that deals with communication and education. You may not relate readily to others during the next 18 months, but it can be quite good for updating your qualifications and picking up skills that will help boost your resume and your ability to earn more.

Your chart indicates you should be considering the hospitality industry, which might draw you into social settings and help you reconnect with people more. It’s easy to become reclusive and just live each day without any challenges, but eventually you may have regrets.

You are still young and this is a wonderful time for you to expand your knowledge, experience and ability to get ahead, if not only for you, for your son as well.

The next two years you will be questioning and re-evaluating your life up to this point. Make your assessment count and instead of just thinking about what you can do, make it happen.

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