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DEAR EUGENIA: I’ve written numerous times but have never received an answer. I need a job, but nothing is coming through. I relocated to Europe after several years of working in really tough developing country locations. I want to continue the type of work I was previously doing but without the living and health difficulties and concerns. During the past several years, I’ve had typhoid twice and dengue fever once. My body is really low in terms of capacity to cope with the conditions, but I love the actual work.

It’s also challenging, as I’m a single female and often get treated with contempt in these locations. It’s taken me many years to reach a decent paid position in this field, and I feel that I’m stuck in the same rut — wanting to progress in my career and attain an excellent salary so I can purchase a house. However, I have long periods of unemployment, and my savings get eaten away in between jobs.

I’ve worked so hard to get into this field, but has it all been a mistake? Should I be focusing on something else altogether? Will I ever attain my goal of owning my own place? I’m 43 years old and feel trapped in a cycle that began in my teens. Please offer some advice. I was born on Sept. 23, 1975, at 5:30 a.m. — Gipsy

DEAR GIPSY: It’s not a surprise that you are questioning your direction at this particular point in time. You are approaching your second half-life Saturn as this year comes to a close. The last time you experienced this was during your mid-teens, when you probably started to head in the direction you find yourself in now.

Your chart indicates that you have potential, and between now and the next couple of years, you have a chance to excel. It is apparent you should be trying to parlay what you’ve been doing into an administrative position, using your experience and knowledge to help create a job that is needed to monitor the difficulties you encountered in the profession you so admirably have given your life, time and effort to.

Don’t sell yourself short. Pick up any additional courses required to help you achieve a position of authority in your field and add it to your resume along with suggestions as to how you think you can continue to contribute from a distance, and I believe you will find your niche.

Time is of the essence, so don’t ponder over this prospect. You have approximately two and a half to three years to launch and establish your place in the field you have chosen. The more time that is designated for building, the better.

Your health, wealth and personal life are also up for a boost between now and the end of the year. This is when you have to network and negotiate on your own behalf. Turn what you have to offer into something substantial, and present your proposal.

Larger quarters, living with someone you connect with and building assets look promising if you take the initiative now.

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DEAR EUGENIA: I’ve been seeing this guy (born Feb. 27, 1978), and we hit it off and were all over each other the first three weeks. Then last week there was some tension; I felt like he was blowing me off, and he said he just needed some space. In all honesty, I have to admit that I’m too intense. My Capricorn friend told me bluntly today I’m immature, insecure, dramatic and smothering and I need to back off. I don’t want to lose him but I’m not sure I could completely transform myself and be that mellow. I was born Aug. 22, 1977, at 12:45 a.m. Any thoughts?– Leo

DEAR LEO: The astrological comparison between you and your Pisces man, although high in numbers regarding how often the planets in both charts interact, unfortunately, has plenty of negatives involved.

Where communication and physical needs are concerned, deceptions, disillusionment and sorrow are prevalent. This falls in an area of your chart that deals with relationships, making it a very intense and challenging situation to overcome. I cannot tell you where or how the sorrow and deception manifest in your Pisces natal chart without an accurate time of birth. He also shares a similar setup in his natal chart that reflects that he either attracts partners who are deceptive or commitment isn’t high on his list of priorities.

Yes, I do see the physical connection, but when that fizzles, I believe one or both of you will end up in tears.

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DEAR EUGENIA: Three and a half years ago my wife (born May 14, 1965, 12:13 a.m.) and I (born Aug. 25, 1963) agreed to allow my wife’s best friend’s son (born Dec. 27, 1988) to move in with us until he finished college. He graduated last year and is still with us.

His presence in our home has been causing problems between my wife and me because he has been taking advantage of my wife’s good nature, and he tries to manipulate her to his side. He also has no respect for us or our home. He doesn’t pay rent and expects to take whatever he needs or wants from us.

His attitude is getting to both of us. My wife will not allow me to kick him out because she is trying to preserve family history. I get upset with my wife because she has trouble standing up to him. The tension in my home is so thick it is sometimes unbearable.

Do you see any change in my living situation? I feel that if there isn’t any relief and could, as a result, end our marriage. We both feel we are between a rock and a hard place.

We are trying to get him to leave on his own accord, but it seems to be a slow process, and I feel that we are at the end of the line. Please help. — Stressed Out and Grumpy Virgo

DEAR STRESSED OUT AND GRUMPY VIRGO: Both you and your wife are overthinking as well as overreacting, and this manipulative young man is taking advantage of you.

There has been a Jupiter transit that has adversely affected you and your wife’s charts. In her case, it has to do with children and nurturing. In trying to fulfill this basic instinct, she feels she has gravely been overly generous, kind and easy for him to take advantage of. Without your time of birth, I cannot say how it has affected you or how it will play out.

Don’t put your marriage on the line for this selfish young Capricorn. An ultimatum should be made that he pays rent equivalent to what it would cost him to live on his own. Or perhaps he could move back home and let his parents help him until he finds a job and can stand on his own two feet. You’ve done what you agreed to do.

This is not about family history for him, and I’m sure if it were your wife’s friend in this situation, she would have reached out and said something.

Set a date that he has to be out on his own. Tell him it’s for his own good and that as his guardians while he was in school, it’s your job to help him turn into a responsible adult, not a spoiled kid. If he doesn’t like it and refuses to, call his parents. If anything, they will be disappointed in their son for taking advantage of your generosity.

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