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SUNDAY, JULY 28, 2019

DEAR EUGENIA by Eugenia Last

Dear Eugenia

In the summer of 1997, quite by chance, I met a woman in Texas. I was 24 at the time, she was 19. I a Libra born October 17, 1972, at 8:13 PM and she a Virgo born August 30, 1978. She had an 8-month old daughter and had recently moved to Texas to live with her dad. Although we had an instant connection, I did not believe I was ready to be a stepdad.

After that summer we lost contact until 1999. I was in a rehab facility, and during this time, I tracked my Virgo down and found out she had moved back with her mom in another state. We spoke by phone almost every night for four months while I was in rehab. In 2000 my Virgo came to visit me for a week. Once again, we picked up right where we left off. When she returned to her moms, we continued to talk daily.

During this time, I began hanging out with a girl from the rehab program, and she started staying with me almost every night, and again, I drifted apart from my Virgo friend. She sent me a heartfelt letter proclaiming her love for me and her desire for me to move in with her and her daughter. I still felt I was not ready to be a dad, and with the encouragement of my new girlfriend, I told my Virgo we could no longer speak.

My new girlfriend had a daughter as well and had to return to her home town. Within the month she called me and said she was pregnant with my child. I immediately moved to Toronto married her, and in 2001, my daughter was born, and I was suddenly a dad and a stepdad. In 2006 near separation, my wife and I had a son. This kept us together until 2010 when we finally split up.

Fast forward to 2016, and after years of looking, I finally found my Virgo on Facebook and discovered she was married and had 3 daughters, but her marriage was on rocky ground. It was so amazing speaking with her; it was like we never missed a day.

After a few months, she told me she had to work on her marriage, and we could no longer communicate. In the summer of 2018, out of the blue, I received a message from my Virgo to tell me she had moved out, and her relationship with her husband was officially over.

Since this time, we have spoken every day. We have had a couple visits, and as of August, I will be taking a leap of faith moving to be close to my Virgo. I am very excited; however, your compatibility chart says there is little to no hope for Libra and Virgo. I find this disheartening, but I feel like we were always meant to be together. Would you discourage me from taking this leap of faith?


Dear Libra/Virgo,

Sun Sign astrology is entertaining but by no means the be all and end all when it comes to compatibility, that’s for sure. After running a comparison between the luminaries and planets in both your charts it is a unanimous yes to your question. Take that leap of faith but also keep in mind that even those who match up exceptionally well astrologically don’t always end up having a forever relationship.

All relationships take work no matter how well you match up, so enter this union with an open mind and the desire to strive for equality, love, truth, and open communication. Build a strong foundation, and don’t look back.

By the way, Your Virgo only has the Sun and Saturn in that sign. She has Venus, Mars, Pluto in Libra the Moon and Mercury in Leo, Jupiter in Cancer, Uranus in Scorpio and Neptune in Sagittarius.

Dear Eugenia

I’m married, and I’m wondering about my married life my husband’s birthday is April 15, 1955, we’ve been married 42 years, but we’re not living together right now, and I want to know if things are going to work out for us our marriage or anything else, we do together. Is he using me? We met as teenagers, and the rest is history. I was born on May 21, 1953, at 1:45 PM.


Dear Gemini,

The astrological comparison between you and your husband indicates that your planets intertwine with one another on many levels, but so many indicate disillusionment, deception, and sorrow emotionally mentally and regarding bringing out the best in one another is concerned.

42 years has given you plenty of time to build quite a bit of history, both good and bad, making it difficult to know whether your relationship is based on habit and hope or fear of being alone.

Your chart indicates that you have been experiencing personal growth in the past two years and that questioning how best to move forward is finally relevant. You are also in a high cycle should you want to take care of legal matters concerning your marital contract between now and the end of the year.

If interested, love and romance are also highlighted between now and the end of the year. This can bring someone back into your life like your husband or someone altogether new. I believe the choice will be up to you. Weigh the pros and cons before you decide one way or another.

Dear Eugenia,

My current girlfriend, born on June 26, 1961, is driving me crazy. She is a great person, understanding, compassionate but also insanely jealous and doesn’t trust me, even though I tell her that I love her often.

We met while living in the same apt building a few years ago. My Cancer mate was still hurting from the death of her husband in 2012 from cancer, and I was still hurting from the end of a long-term relationship. We started talking while going outside for a smoke and shared our stories of lost love.

The problem is that I had to contact my ex-girlfriend regarding some items of mine, and arranging to get them back, and since then my current girlfriend is accusing me of still being in love with my ex. She knew I wanted my stuff back and encouraged me to call the ex and now I feel like she’s holding it over my head.

Please give me some advice as to if her jealousy will fade with time, whether this relationship is worth sticking it out or should I consider walking away even though I do love her and want to spend my life with her. I was born on May 27, 1964, 12:05am.

Confused Gemini

Dear Confused Gemini,

Without your girlfriend’s time of birth, it’s challenging to speculate astrologically how deep her jealousy runs. What I can tell you is that she is possessive, loves deeply, and is afraid of losing someone she cares so much about.

Your comparison does indicate that there is some sorrow. In your chart, it shows up in an area that deals with friends, relatives, and yes, your ex or anyone else for that matter who has been intimately involved with you. Unfortunately, once again, without her time of birth, I can not specify where it manifests in her chart.

The simple solution is to invite her along when you go to retrieve your stuff. If you want to avoid her insecurities rising to the surface, keep your relationship open, honest and include her in any event, situation, or happening that involves someone that may give her cause for alarm.

The comparison indicates that you have enough to make this relationship work; however, all relationships suffer ups and downs and require work.

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