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DEAR EUGENIA: I met my twin flame a year ago. His birthdate is Jan. 13, 1959. He was involved with a woman (born May 2, 1960) for a year prior. It’s been a bit of a roller coaster this past year, and I need a couple of answers. I love astrology and feel it’s yet another tool to help navigate one’s way through life.

I have looked up their charts, and they are a good match. However, we are too. She broke up with him because he said he loved us both, and I believe he is still trying to find what works for him.

He ended a 30-year marriage after the death of a child. I feel I have been instrumental in his healing. I walked away from the relationship six months ago only to have him came back, and we were inseparable. Now he is back home in another state and will return later this summer. I have tried to keep this on the friendship level and wonder if I should hang in there. I would love to have a life partner.

What do you see in our charts that could help me make the best decision for me? — Libra

DEAR LIBRA: You are right in saying you both have a decent comparison with your Capricorn man. He experienced his Saturn return this past year and this has resulted in doubt and the need to reflect. It also caused depression and indecision regarding where he wants to live and with whom. This Saturn transit will not let up until November, so he may continue to put you through a bit of a ride until that time. Point being, is it worth your while?

Your chart indicates you will tend to overreact if you aren’t careful between now and that time, which could affect his decision. Keeping your relationship as a friendship can also cause him to doubt turning it into a commitment, and coming on too strong can push him away. Somewhere in between is your best bet as the year progresses.

As this year comes to a close and next year unfolds, your chart indicates you will enter a high romantic cycle that can bring someone new and exciting into your life, or it could be due to the fact that he comes to terms with what he wants as well as choosing you as his partner. Either way, in the end you will do just fine when it comes to love and romance.

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DEAR EUGENIA: I have been settling my parents’ estate since July 2016, as they died unexpectedly within months of one another. I relocated in order to do this. As the estate involves a few pieces of real estate, which have been in our family for generations, it has been a long and involved task in order to get everything ready to sell.

With great loyalty and respect to our parents, my siblings and I would like to sell everything privately. I was wondering if I am nearing the end of this journey. When will I be able to return to my previous job/home? I was born April 26, 1961, at 8:20 p.m. — Fun-Loving Taurus

DEAR FUN-LOVING TAURUS: Without having the birth data of those involved (siblings) or knowing the data of the person holding the property titles, it’s difficult to be specific regarding the properties. However, what I can tell you based on your chart is that if you are responsible for selling the properties, you are in a high cycle between now and the end of October. If you wait, you will probably face some problems due to something like red tape or declining markets.

Regarding your position and returning to your life, it is apparent that if you sell between now and the fall you will be able to return and pick up where you left off between the end of the year and the summer of next year.

Should you not meet the dates impressed upon you, there could be some dilly-dallying due to your second Saturn return that is heading your way in 2020. Hopefully you will have resolved family matters and things like estate issues before that time, and your Saturn return will have more to do with retirement or the finalization of all sales and estate proceedings that may have lingered due to legal and government obligations and all who have inheritance coming to them.

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DEAR EUGENIA: I was talking to a man for three months, and I saw him occasionally at my place of work. He began flirting with me and then he wanted to send me a picture, so I gave him my number. He started texting me and called, but instead of asking me out, he asked me to have sex. I told him, “Don’t you want to get to know me first?” He didn’t answer me. When I didn’t hear from him, I sent a text and asked him to pick the date and time and told him I was serious about having sex with him.

There was no response for two days. Then I texted him and asked if I had scared him off. He answered, “No, you did not.” From that day he hasn’t called or texted. I see him at my place of work when he comes in and we have great conversations. I never asked him what happened, and because he’s a client I’ve kept everything professional.

He continues to flirt with me. He shows he cares when I have a problem and asks how I am.

I don’t understand what went wrong. Even though we haven’t gone out, I know there is a strong connection, and I still feel he’s interested. I miss him. I know I should get on with it, but it’s hard.

His ex-wife cheated on him, and he had a hard time dealing with it. I really want to meet my soul mate and thought it was him. I was born July 1, 1956, at noon, and he was born Oct. 14, 1960. — Cancer

DEAR CANCER: Your comparison with your Libra man is actually quite nice emotionally, mentally and physically, but the fact that he has his natal Venus (love), Mercury (thought/communication) and Neptune (creativity/deception/disillusionment) in the sign Scorpio, I believe he was testing you and you played into his trap. You are right in correlating his past to the incident. All you can do at this point with regard to him is to be friendly and keep your relationship professional.

Your chart indicates greater romantic opportunities heading your way beginning late this year and throughout most of next year. Be sure to get out and meet people, participate in events that are geared toward older singles as well as trying some of the dating sites available for the 50-plus bracket.

The cycle you are heading into can also bring someone from your past back into your life, so don’t rule out attending reunions, connecting through social media or getting another chance to be with your flirtatious Libra.

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