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SUNDAY, JULY 8, 2018

DEAR EUGENIA by Eugenia Last

DEAR EUGENIA: I have been struggling the last few years financially, as well as with relationships. I feel like there must be hope for a better life or happiness ahead. I am a single mom of three kids (19, 11 and 8). I have had many difficulties with my oldest son, as he is the result of an unwilling situation and has had anger and rage his entire life. The last few years his behavior has been getting worse — lying, manipulating and using everyone for anything. Two years ago, he assaulted me and went to live with my brother, who I do not care to have a relationship with. My son struggled there as well and displayed the same behaviors. He came back a year ago and was to pay me back for a few things and pay rent to help out. Instead, he has drained me again. Over money owed to me, he again assaulted me, worse this time, and now he’s gone again, as I cannot have an angry child hurting me and taking away from his younger brother and sister. Is there no repairing our relationship? More importantly, is he going to be OK? I fear we will never speak again. His birthday is May 20, 1999, at 3:20 a.m.

Also, for the last five years I have been heartbroken over someone I thought was the love of my life. First, he was hot and cold, then he disappeared. Two years ago, he ended up with our best friend’s girlfriend of 11 years. Was I wrong to feel so strongly about him? I love him and believe he will be back. His birthday is Feb. 19, 1983, at 9:32 a.m.

What has been going on? Every time I try to be OK, something else happens to challenge me. — Looking Forward

DEAR LOOKING FORWARD: I commend you for your positive outlook. You’ve been through a lot, and dealing with a child like your son is probably the most difficult situation a mother can possibly experience short of having that child pass before you do. Your astrological comparison with your son is actually good. His problems are not your fault, but they are undoubtedly going to have a major effect on your life and emotional well-being. Your son has a chance to make improvements during the next couple of years, but it will require facing his demons head-on, and that won’t happen as long as you are his safety net. Hard as it may be for both of you, it’s a make-it-or-break-it period in which your son will survive or end up suffering the consequence. There is nothing more you can do. Tough love is required. It’s unfortunate that his father cannot step up and step in when he is most needed.

Your comparison with your Pisces man is decent, but the past few years have been next to impossible for him. I believe he has made many personal mistakes, but that doesn’t mean you should give in to his character flaws, which show up loud and clear in his chart. You deserve better and should look ahead when it comes to love and romance.

You will head into a high cycle regarding love next year and should look for someone who can help to improve your life and standard of living.

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DEAR EUGENIA: Three years ago, I liked a guy I met on a dating site who was born Dec. 14, 1981. I was born May 6, 1973, at 3:47 a.m. We had some great conversations, even exchanging email addresses. We never went out on a date; I wasn’t his physical type according to his profile. Then he met someone, so obviously it was no longer appropriate to write, so I deleted him from my contacts. (However, one time he was a customer at my place of employment, and he wasn’t with a woman, and I introduced myself quickly.)

Fast-forward to now. A friend took me out to eat, and guess who our waiter was? While I don’t think he remembered me, I certainly remembered him. I tried to make as much eye contact as possible, and he’d occasionally join our conversation.

The following week I told a different friend about my chance encounter. She asked if I gave him my number. It never crossed my mind (plus, nowadays, it might be considered harassment), and it’s been bothering me ever since my friend brought it up.

Could the universe have been trying to tell me something? Would we have had any compatibility? — Taurus

DEAR TAURUS: You have an interesting comparison with your Sagittarius man, but when it comes to love, he is truly a free-spirited guy with a “love them and leave them” mentality. Emotionally he is not a good bet on your part, as he is likely to cause you a lot of pain. The fact that he was clear that you weren’t his type should be enough for you to know better than to venture down that path.

You are in a high cycle right now regarding love, so don’t waste your time trying to get his attention when you should be considering someone who is more inclined to want to make a commitment. Perhaps a Taurus, Cancer or Capricorn would be a better choice. Attending a reunion or reconnecting with someone from your past or even someone you meet through a colleague or industry event would be a better match.

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DEAR EUGENIA: I have been married five years and had a great relationship, but things changed this year. My husband has been cheating on me for six months, and I always forgive him.

Do you see us staying together? I feel unstable in our relationship. The other woman’s birthday is March 12. She keeps trying to take him from me. I don’t want to lose him. I was born Feb. 26, 1975, and my husband was born Jan. 15, 1959. — Pisces

DEAR PISCES: Without the year of birth for your husband’s lover, I can’t tell you much about their relationship. What I can tell you is that you have a good comparison emotionally, mentally and physically, so the problem is not you.

Your husband’s chart denotes that he is a smooth talker, and when it comes to love, he can’t seem to get his act together, which promotes sorrow and discord with those who get involved with him. Trying to hold on to someone who is always going to be searching for something more will only lead to pain and heartache.

You can stay and experience years of him repeating this type of behavior or you can give him an ultimatum, move on and find peace of mind and a lover who can offer you a monogamous relationship. You deserve better.

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