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SUNDAY, MAY 13, 2018


Dear Eugenia: I would like some advice on how to cope with continuous rejection. For the last three to four years my life has been nothing but rejection from 
friends, boyfriends, family and workplace. It has really affected me psychologically. I feel sad and depressed. I have come to the conclusion that people don’t 
like me for who I am.

The latest rejection came when my manager informed me that a three-month contract I just started will be terminated in two weeks due to a low volume of work, which I know is not the reason. 
I have only been at the company six weeks, and I thought everything was fine.

Do you think there is a light at the end of the tunnel for 
me in the near future? Will there be some positive outcome? 
I want to restore my self-confidence, my humor and live a happy life. 
 I am a Taurus born May 12, 1957, at 7 a.m. — Taurus

Dear TAURUS: The past three years you experienced your second Saturn return. The first one happened in 1986. The placement of Saturn in your natal chart infers you would experience problems in regard to getting along with peers, holding down a job, as well as getting along with friends and relatives.

On the upside, this transit has moved on, and although you still may be feeling the effects, you should be able to move on. Saturn returns are meant to be learning experiences. By the time this return ended, you should have re-evaluated your life and the problems that challenged you.

I believe when it comes to getting along with people, you tend to have emotionally difficulties due to an inability to see others for who they are, as well as seeing yourself the way others see you. Taking a self-awareness course might help you clear up some of the misgivings you could have.

Regarding employment, last year your chart was hit with greater uncertainty regarding work and how you earn your living. This could easily have led to the type of work-related problems you’ve been facing. There was a slight improvement in January, February and March, but that transit ended in April. You will begin to see an improvement again in September, which will remain with you throughout 2019.

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Dear Eugenia: I would appreciate your guidance on this year, since it feels like a pivotal time for me. I was born Nov. 18, 1955, at 10:03 p.m. 
I’m changing my diet to be healthier, exercising more and continuing to work in my small town, serving our community professionally. I am very creative and have done work for others, but I want to explore my own work and produce more fiber art that is a reflection of who I am today. I’ve been in recovery in AA for 23 years and also attend Al Anon.

I have a Pisces son (born March 18, 1983, around 2:30 p.m.) who has a serious mental illness. He lives about 20 minutes away, and we see each other regularly. I am noticing his behavior is changing, which may mean his illness will erupt again, causing havoc in his life. His past has included homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, hospital stays and jails. This breaks my heart every time. I realize I cannot help him any more, just love him as is. He is a good man.

My second loved one is my Pisces husband (Feb. 27, 1952), who is a wonderful guy. He is very good to me. He had oral cancer a few years ago, had surgery to remove it, and had no follow-up treatment since the tumor was excised completely. I learned he still smokes occasionally and we have talked about it, but he won’t/can’t stop. He is going for a CT scan soon to look at a swollen lymph node.

My problem is this: my heart is so tender, and I feel these things so deeply that it throws me off my own life. I gained a lot of weight last year, mainly due to the stress of helping my son. I feel I am on the right track to focus on my own life and well-being, but I’m afraid that these “storm warnings” portend trouble again. It is certainly a guess on my part, but us Scorpios are very prescient, as you know.

How can I keep my balance as changes come along? — Scorpio Gal

DEAR SCORPIO GAL: You are right about this being the beginning of a pivotal period in your life. A Uranus transit started to hit your chart in February and will continue to bring many changes pertaining to your home and family during the next seven years. Some good and some bad, and in most cases inevitable, making acceptance the key to maneuvering your way through the ups and downs. Make the most out of the highs and learn what you can from the lows.

You should use your creativity as an outlet and the experiences you encounter to enhance your productivity. This along with continued self-improvement through healthy choices and exercise will keep you centered and able to be there and help both your husband and your son.

Your son’s chart denotes that he does have an addictive personality and mental health issues. It shows up as being chronic and will need continuous monitoring. The past three years haven’t been the easiest for him, and the consequence of his past actions will turn out to be a lesson he will face over the next couple of years in relation to problems with institutions, authority figures and his standard of living.

It is good that your husband is going in for a scan. This year and next could be a turning point for him where health is concerned. However, without his time of birth I cannot be certain.

There is no doubt that what your husband and son are going through will throw you off your personal game plan, but keep in mind these experiences you have with both of them can also fuel your imagination and inspire your creativity. Work with what you have and look for the positive in everything that transpires.

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Dear Eugenia: I was born May 17, 1971, at 4:02 a.m. I’ve been struggling financially and can’t afford to live on my own. I would really like to know where my career is heading. I’ve submitted some writings and I’m waiting on an outcome. I would like to know if it’s in the cards for me to head in a creative direction? — Struggling

Dear STRUGGLING: Picking up a job that will pay the bills is crucial if you want to pursue your dream. What you will have to sacrifice is your downtime. Devote it to developing your ideas and networking with other writers and people working in the industry who can help you reach your goal. With transiting Saturn moving across the top of your chart this year and next, recognition should come your way in 2020 if you are diligent with regard to your creative pursuits.

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