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DEAR EUGENIA by Eugenia Last

Dear Eugenia: I am an Aries female, born on March 24, 1998, at 19:22 p.m. My ex-boyfriend is a Libra, born on Sept. 23, 1998, at 00:30 a.m. We were together for six months when we broke up earlier this year. We seemed to get along well, and there didn’t appear to be an explanation for our breakup. We had obligations at school, but all I wanted at this time was more attention, nothing else. My question for you is, will we be together again? Have we a chance? Will he return to me and say sorry? — Aries

Dear Aries: Your astrological comparison with your ex partner was not bad for friendship, but it lacked when it comes to marriage and commitment. I believe your ex recognized this and backed away.

Your chart indicates that you are in a high cycle regarding romance, and although you might be able to convince him to come back, during this transit your better option is to find someone new.

The Sun was actually still in the sign Virgo at the moment your partner was born, along with his natal Mercury and Venus. Virgo is not your best zodiac sign when it comes to a forever relationship. You do well with the signs Aries, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

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Dear Eugenia: I got married to my husband (birth details: April 19, 1980, at 4:50 p.m.) in 2010. As a couple, we are doing well. Our only problem is his short temper, which he is trying to curb. Otherwise, we are a very happy couple, but I feel “our time” is minimal due to work, kid and daily routine.

My husband was working abroad from September 2010 to September 2012 and returned to his new job in March 2013, and is currently with the same firm in our native land. He is not getting the right recognition and pay as per his experience even after four years in this firm and so, he is planning to move from his current job.

He gets a lot of job calls for foreign assignments. Every time, the interview goes well, but after that, he doesn’t hear back from the employers. He has been looking for foreign/local opportunities more than a year but nothing seems to work out.

I started working after my maternity break in June 2014, and it was like starting over again because of my two-year break. I then moved to a better organization/job and pay in March 2016. Suddenly policies in my current organization changed, and I was not given the right appraisal at the end of the year. Then in April 2017 for the first time the company gave poor raises. I cannot change my job right now because I haven’t been there long enough to build up my resume, and I feel like I am stuck.

I am feeling really low and confused, as both of our careers are not taking off at the same time. Kindly help us out by letting us know when the right time to move on to a new job is and should we be looking for foreign opportunities.

Currently, my husband works in consulting; should he move to sales and marketing? Is it suitable? Both of us are in the pharma/biotech sector. — Pisces

Dear Pisces: If you and your husband want to work abroad, you should put the emphasis on foreign opportunities between now and the end of the year. After that, you are best to stay put in your native country and focus on jobs not necessarily in your current village but within your homeland.

Your job prospects both here and afar are excellent between now and late fall, and although you do not feel you can leave your current company, I beg to differ. Do not stop looking both where you are as well as abroad.

Your husband will have greater opportunities beginning late this fall that will continue until the fall of next year. His chart indicates the most success in consulting, teaching as well as sales, however not so much in the area of research and development.

Your husband’s ability for sales and marketing is apparent, and I believe this would be his most lucrative career, especially if he finds a position in the medical or pharma/biotech sector. Your husband will do best when travel, conferences, tradeshows etc. are a requirement in his job.

With regard to you, working in a more obscure area of the pharma/biotech sector will be where you do best.

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Dear Eugenia: I am a senior on a fixed income, born on May 28, 1949, at 8 a.m. I have been dealing with numerous medical issues. I am also a 21-year cancer survivor. Because of the hospital treatment, the botched and incompetent medical care, as well as other cancer-related care, I became “disabled” and was forced into being under housing assistance and utilities assistance, as well as needing food stamp assistance. All of which I strongly dislike and despise — although I am grateful.

I have been dealing with a “domino effect” of health-related complexities. I am a very strong and determined woman who refused to allow cancer to take my life, as it took my mother when I was 5 years old, nor to allow even the medical incompetence to destroy me.

Yes, all this has taken a toll on me. But I became defiant, strong and outspoken. So at this point in my life, moving forward, I desire to accomplish and fulfill my dreams and desires:

  1. A) To meet and marry a good man (I was married once a long time ago to a brutal man). B) To be reunited with my son in Europe. C) To travel the world and have adventures. D) To move to Spain. E) To write several books and be published. F) To be a successful life and self-empowerment coach in high demand. G) To be a motivational speaker, also highly in demand. H) To create and have a popular, respected, viable and income producing website. I) To be the best that I can be … and to be accomplished, healthy, happy, successful, prosperous, wealthy (by my own strengths and initiative), wise and discerning, happily married, a great contributor to humanity’s betterment and peace, and to be a positive contributor for the environment and climate change, to be fulfilled … and to savor so much more of the sweetness and energy of life!

QUESTION –- what, whom, how, when, where can I find the connections, resources, new relationships, network, sources, energy, love and whatever else is necessary to have and create a new source of solid income (so that I NO LONGER need or want any outside agency for assistance!) and to have happiness for myself and the fulfillment of my dreams and desires? — Gemini

Dear Gemini: That’s quite the bucket list. Although this past year you have had a wonderful Jupiter (opportunity) transit moving through your chart, you have also been facing transiting Saturn (limitation/frustration/teacher), countering the opportunities that Jupiter offers.

Transiting Saturn will be moving off your chart by the end of the year, however that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to grab a little Jupiter opportunity between now and the end of October, when this large planet moves on and into the constellation Scorpio.

It’s important to at least get the ball rolling, and by that I don’t mean scatter your energy like so many Twins try to do. Pick your direction and focus on it. Volunteer to get involved in the cause that means the most to you, and network from that vantage point. Nothing will happen if you don’t get up and go.

Visiting your son or making a move to Europe would be best put into play between now and mid-December or June/July of next year.

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