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WEEK OF JULY 30, 2017


Dear Eugenia: I’m very concerned for my disabled son (born on July 20, 1993, at 1:12 a.m.). His estranged father (born on May 25, 1964) has entered his life again after being in and out for almost 20 years. I was born on Aug. 28, 1966 at 8:01 a.m.

His father came to visit about three years ago and has not left since, even though he is not wanted in our home. I do not get along with this man and cannot trust him not to pawn stuff that doesn’t belong to him. I leave when he is around and try not to start trouble for my son’s sake.

At first the relationship between my son and his father seemed to do my son some good, but recently my son has become distraught and angry. I didn’t realize his father was saying bad things about me or that he was making my son clean up after him. He has manipulated my son into giving him some of his disability money. My son is unable to work more than a few hours a week due to his limitations.

My health has declined severely, resulting in me being hospitalized more and my son being left on his own with his father. I’m currently taking steps to try and remove this man from our home, but I’ve become worried for our safety as his drinking leaves him so angry and volatile.

He says he will leave when he gets a job, but he makes no attempt to find one. He donates blood to support his alcohol addiction. He eats the food I buy before we can eat, at times leaving us without much.

I’ve seriously thought of selling the house to get him out, but my son does not like change. This is my childhood home. All of my family has passed away. This house is supposed to be left to my son, so leaving isn’t an option.

What do you see for my son in the future? He wants to work full-time and meet a nice girl someday. Do you see his dad getting a job and leaving? What’s the best way to approach this man and ask him to leave without violence or police involvement? — Virgo

Dear Virgo: You may not want to bring in the authorities, but I’m afraid you will probably have to. With your son’s father taking advantage of him financially, emotionally and physically, you have a case for removal. You may want to begin by talking to your son’s disability caseworker.

Your son’s natal chart indicates that he has been going through emotional turbulence since late fall of last year, that it has escalated this year and will continue to do so until late fall, when it appears a change will take place in your household.

With regard to your son’s father finding employment, it is difficult to determine without his time of birth. You said he has shown violent tendencies in the past, and this trait appears to escalate as we approach the end of the year. This could mean that you will have to call the police to remove him for both yours and your son’s safety.

Your son’s father’s chart does indicate the possibility of being confined later this year and throughout most of next, but once again I would need his time of birth to be more specific.

As for you, health problems do show up and appear to spike again between now and late September. Simultaneously it is apparent that you will face some encounters involving government agencies, etc., probably with regard to your son’s well-being.

The grand showdown can be expected between early November and mid to late December.

               **             **             **

Dear Eugenia: The love of my life has suddenly stopped talking to me. I have tried and failed to make contact with him. I was wondering if and when we will be reunited. I love and miss him so much.

I can’t understand why he would do something like this. I know his family is not pleased with the fact that we are from different religious backgrounds. If this were the issue, surely he would be honest and tell me?

His date of birth is Aug. 18, 1987, and mine is Aug. 27, 1980, at 6:30 p.m. Please help me reconcile this relationship. — Heartbroken

Dear Heartbroken: Without your boyfriend’s time of birth, it is difficult to tell if his family is behind the breakup. However, looking at your chart and where he falls in your chart, it likely has something to do with it.

He has very strong ties to his parents and they can influence him easily. Your chart indicates that you are more adaptable and willing to be with someone from a different religious background.

Your astrological comparison to each other is exceptional, but that isn’t enough for a number of reasons. His family will always interfere in his life, and he will always use them as his excuse for moving on when he feels bored or confined. He has the chart of a playboy, and yes, he is irresistible to you as well as to many women throughout his life.

               **             **             **

DEAR EUGENIA: I met a man (born April 19, 1986) in Saudi Arabia in July 2016. We began talking, and he eventually he said he loved me. However, he started to become distant, and that led us to break up in November, eventually reuniting in January.

My mom found us together one night, and that led him to back away again, but we resolved our issues. However, come June we broke up again because I reacted impulsively, resulting in a misunderstanding. We tried to talk things over, but he lost his job and has been so stressed out that it’s difficult to communicate with him right now.

I love him deeply, but I don’t know if he cares for me or not. He says one thing, but his actions show another. Do our charts indicate that we are meant to be? Will we ever reconnect and take our relationship to the next level? — Scorpio

Dear Scorpio: Your comparison is workable mentally and physically, but there are other factors involved that make this union difficult. He falls in an area of your chart that deals with limitations and not being able to go the distance because of outside influences. It also shows problems where children and legal, medical and financial matters are concerned.

Communication is vital if you want this relationship to work, and although your comparison does indicate this is possible, when I look at both charts separately it is not the case. You tend to be impulsive, a little jealous and angered easily, and he tends to hold back or even mislead you for fear of setting you off. This doesn’t make for a steady relationship that can be taken to the next level with ease. You have trust issues, and he can and will hold back the truth.

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