Daily Timing


Do you wish you could get more out of reading your daily horoscope column?
Does your Sun sign caption not give you enough information?

For years now I have been teaching people how to read my horoscope column properly. Your natal birth chart is made up of all twelve signs. A horoscope is divided into twelve sections (called houses), each representing a different aspect of life. Depending on your day, month, year, time and place of birth your astrological chart will take on it’s own personality based on which sign represents each house in your personal chart.

What Daily Timing can do for you is give you the information you need to read all twelve signs of my daily column and apply each sign to the area of life that sign represents in your personal natal birth chart.

In order for me to give you this information it is necessary to have your complete birth data. What you will receive is a personal breakdown of your chart and a guideline to begin getting twelve times the enjoyment and guidance out of my horoscope column each and every day.

It is extremely important to submit complete and accurate birth data including the time and place of birth. This data will substantially influence calculating your Personal Astrological Natal Chart. If you do not know the time of birth please enter 6:00 AM.


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